Friday, 2 October 2015


I hereby state with full positive intention,
that the human race on this planet
are now free from any further
emotional, physical, mental
and spiritual abuse of any kind.

That all negative control systems
and operations of negative dominance
be made null and void from this point onwards.

That all those who seek to oppress and control others 
for their own gain, be removed from this
world and re-homed elsewhere.

Humans have graduated from the role of
enslavement and broken through the
frequency fence that kept us locked into
negative cycles and detrimental timelines.
We are now reclaiming our Sovereign free will.

We are now accepted into the Galactic family
within which we belong as multi dimensional beings.

All disclosure of our true origins & our place within 
the Galactic family will now commence
 without interference, for those who are ready.

Positive off world planetary and Star System Councils
are hereby invited in to assist humanity
in the regeneration and
realignment of Planet Earth.
And assisting us to become who we truly are.

With true and honourable human leadership
and cosmic assistance,
We will lead this planetary body into an era of
Liberation, Community,
Balance & Equality.

And so be it - and so it is.

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