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DISORDERED PERSONALITIES - The Deviant Path of the Psychopath - Part I

Within society today, a wide variety of ‘personality disorders’ and narcissistic traits appear to be on the rise.  Whilst there are many normal behaviours labeled as mental aberrations, created solely to medicate people via psychiatric intervention; (See DSM-IV – Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, listing 374 Mental disorders), there are also many truly pathological individuals with a wide range of cleverly disguised & sinister sociopathic and  behavioural disorders.

Just as we see in the nature kingdom, there are predators within humanity who intentionally prey on others.  Being aware of this aspect of reality helps to break this predatory cycle and can prevent you from becoming psychopathic prey.

Approximately 1 in 25 people have psychopathic tendencies, but few will realise this about someone they know until they have attempted to destroy their life or rather wittle away their self-esteem and sense of self-worth until it causes malaise or some other detrimental effects noticed.  Some of them are simply energy vampires and parasite their sources of energy, who never realise their true motivations.

Contrary to popular belief, not all psychopaths are axe-welding murderers, but most murderers are psychopaths. Various levels of psychopathy exist and these people will leave some form of destruction in their wake. Those who have encountered these amoral types and let them into their lives, or have sociopathic/psychopathic parents, will potentially have their lives, health, personal integrity, family and futures compromised in various ways.

This endemic social issue is rarely discussed, even in high profile murder cases. Various levels of narcissism and psychopathy amongst the populace is more common than people realise and the precursors to this behaviour on the rise due to social conditioning, transhumanism agendas, demonic possession & the propagation of a narcissistic, attention seeking, 'me' generation perpetuated by social media, plastic surgery, celebrity culture & reality TV, etc.

Many psychopathic people have learned how to subtly disguise their abusive intentions behind carefully constructed, counterfeit facades.  By studying these people, their psychological pretensions, affected behaviours and underlying motives, we can learn how to see through their deceptions and avoid the impending destruction they cause in the lives of those around them.

This article is not intended to apportion judgment and blame, but to provide objective awareness, tools for avoidance, recovery and healing methods that are often required after even a short-term relationship with one or more of these individuals.


.    1.  The main diagnosis is neurological genetic composition. Studies have shown lower cerebral cortex function and absence of a link between the amygdala, the pre-frontal cortex and a lack of the signals sent to the nervous system, which register fear and higher emotional ranges. This can be correlated with those who have a higher percentage of reptilian/serpent DNA. The reptilian persona is psychopathic and due to that genetic & emotional weakness, will seek power over others at any cost.

     2.  Another cause is the possession of the individual by various demonic astral entities, (which cannot be seen) or malevolent aliens, mainly reptilian/draconian entities, disincarnates (people who were once living) or 'soul fragments', thought forms: All of which can inhabit the body, mind and space around a person without detection, to such an extent, they can take over the human persona entirely.  Possession usually occurs due to severe childhood traumas, sexual abuse, physical violence, addiction, psychic attack etc and can occur at any time in life.  Everyone on this planet have some form of demonic attachments carried through past lives and also what they may pick up from their parents and those around them. 

   3.  Social and psychological factors, also cause psychopathy, inherited behaviours from violent 'hosted' parents and trauma in childhood fracture the mental matrix into compartments.  Damaging the emotional body to the point where the ‘true self’ is cut off and an ‘antipathy’ personality is created. Trauma also splits off parts of the soul which then opens the auric field to allow the attachment and invasion of entities.  It is argued that childhood trauma is not a cause, but creates an intensification of psychopathic tendencies.

Often psychopathy is the result of a combination of all three.
‘Histrionic personality disorder’, ‘Borderline personality disorder (BPD)’, ‘Narcissistic personality disorder’ (NPD), ‘Anti-social Personality disorder’(APD), ‘Schizoid personality disorder’, ‘Dissociative Identity Disorder’ (DID)/’Multiple personality disorder’ (MPD) ‘Conduct Disorder (CD),‘Obsessive compulsive disorder’…
The list of pathological disorders is extensive, but in general the psychopathic/sociopathic/narcissistic personality has a set of similar traits and behaviour patterns. 

By studying and (preferably not) by experiencing the modus operandi of these people, they become quite transparent, especially as their interactions & behaviours are generally quite formulaic.

Psychopaths and sociopathic deviants pervade all areas of society.  They rule this world with their oppressive fascist control systems and violent, abusive exploitive handling of the population.  Prominent leaders of a majority of corporate, political, military, banking, religious, 'sickness industry' & judicial sectors  etc. are often employed due to their anti-social skills and abilities to influence through deception, possessing a drive to succeed regardless of who and what they compromise along the way.  
The EL-ites have commonly exhibited a range of cold-blooded, remorseless, actions and covertly abuse their power in the most perverse of ways.  They are solely service-to-self and to the rewards they misguidedly think they will obtain from serving the satanic agenda.

Jails are made up of a high percentage of criminals, who display various psychopathic disorders. Many hardened criminals are also possessed/overshadowed by malevolent demonic entities which encourage them to commit physical and sexual abuse, pedophilia, murder, rape, theft, stalking and many other harmful violations towards others, which they do without guilt, remorse or conscience.


Psychopathic Disorder: An emotionally and behaviourally disordered state characterized by clear perception of reality, except in the individuals social and moral obligations and often by the pursuit of immediate social gratification in criminal acts, drug addiction or sexual perversion.

Megalomania/Narcissism – A mania for great grandiose performance, a delusional mental disorder that is marked by infantile feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur. Hubristic. 

“Psychopathic Checklist” - Bob Hare

Glibness, Superficial charm
Grandiose sense of self-worth
Need for stimulation/prone to boredom
Pathological lying
Lack of remorse or guilt
Shallow effect/emptiness
Callous/lack of empathy
Parasitical lifestyle, (energy vampirism)
Poor behavioural controls
Promiscuous sexual behaviour
Early behavioural problems
Lack of realistic long-term goals
Failure to accept responsibility for their own actions
Many short-term martial relationships
Juvenile delinquency
Revocation of conditional release

Sociopaths/NPD/Psychopaths are all literally devoid of compassion, empathy, sympathy, conscience, positive emotion, creativity and the ability to feel love for other people. They are integrally misanthropic energetic vampires, they take without giving, viewing others as 'resources' for what they can gain from them.

Often they do not appear anti-social at all, they are charming, charismatic, immaculately over dressed, inflating their successes and grandiosity, whilst carefully hiding their true character and intentions, convincing those they wish to reel in and take advantage of that they are caring, honest, regular people with integrity, when they are anything but. They operate insidiously, in a subtle and covert manner, so they are difficult for most people to detect, until it’s too late.

          Narcissistic psychopaths have a need for constant attention, recognition, approval, adoration and gratification from others. Everything has to be about them... all of the time;
They take up all the space in relationships, making the other feel worthless and insignificant compared to them. They think they are invincible, superior to everyone else, important, entitled and display egotistical and arrogant behaviours.

They convince themselves they are special, have abilities that no one else does and are entitled to be treated accordingly. This sense of self does not originate from empowerment, expression of the 'true-self', real magnanimity or higher consciousness, but from a place of lower-ego, competition and desire for domination and defeat. 
This self-serving megalomania actually masks a pathological over compensation for a deep-seated sense of inferiority, an inferiority that they will not even admit to themselves.
In order to hide these deep seated issues, they develop a fake persona to mask all their insecurities as a means of survival.

They posture and pretend, attempting to control everything & everyone around them to do their bidding. They consider themselves deserving of constant attention, adulation and praise. They take advantage of others, viewing everyone else around them as weak, pathetic and gullible;   Their world is very dualistic, black/white, good/evil, everyone who doesn’t support them is evil, and deserves to be destroyed, anyone who does what they want,  is simply a useful idiot to be exploited.

These people are highly competitive and can never be seen to fail at anything, they always have to consider themselves No. 1 in every situation.  They will lie, manipulate, condescend, control, bully & dictate to win their contrived competitions.  They secretly despise anyone with talent, confidence & healthy self-esteem, making it their job to subtly humiliate, mock, demean, patronise and undermine them.

They are ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what they want. Highly manipulative, sadistic, destructive, nasty, sly, always thinking up schemes and inventing accolades to make themselves appear more successful, rich and powerful in order to obtain more narcissistic supply/energy to feed their energetic parasites, egos & deceitful machinations.

These disturbed and perverse individuals have no idea what emotional hurt feels like, so they do not understand how others feel when they hurt, use and abuse them. 
Their silent assassination of another usually starts with stalking, (constant contact) verbal abuse, lack of emotional availability, subtle insults, minimisation, disapproval/restriction of your social life/freedom, violating personal/sexual boundaries, verbal threats.  The short fused, temper gets more apparent and  often eventually leads to forms of physical violence. 

They will do anything to avoid exposure. If someone points out their faults or intentions, they will launch into a volatile assault of 'gas-lighting', vindictive public character assassinations & often legal intercession. They will play the victim to cover their own divisiveness from detection, accusing their victims of being liars, evil, drug takers, mentally unstable, delusional, jealous of their grandeur, authority and success. etc.

They will NEVER change and they will NEVER admit to any faults on their part, because they view themselves as perfect. From their warped, egomaniacal perspective, they can do no wrong.  This is also how they are wired, (or rather how their entities express themselves) so they could not change even if they wanted to. They are prone to tantrums and have an emotional age of around 3yrs old, so there is no getting through to them anyway. 
They do not feel guilt or shame and to keep up their perfect exterior, will lay the blame on everyone and everything else, twisting reality to suit themselves. 

Admitting misdemeanours on their part implies weakness and they are never prepared to show any vulnerability whatsoever for fear that you may do what they do - and prey upon it.  If they ever do apologise, which is rare, it will be a half-hearted, insincere attempt to regain control and maintain in contact/control of their 'targets'. 


These people often build a false image for themselves, pathologically lying about their pasts, talents, abilities, income and employment.  They use mirroring, copying, emulation, ‘love-bombing’, charm and are often sickeningly sweet to others in order to fit in and get others on side. They will fool many with their hollow platitudes & insincere affections, often creating a superficial social circle of unsuspecting 'friends' and followers who they rely on for superficial gratification. 

They are highly vain and consider themselves more attractive and fantastic than they actually are. Constantly promoting their wonderful physical attributes to the world without humility. Both female and male sociopaths/somatic narcissists use their usually perverse, overt sexuality to obtain narcissistic supply. They deviously set up elaborate ‘honey traps’ to seduce their victims with ‘love-bombing’, engulfing and predatory sexual stalking behaviours.

They view ALL others as a ‘resources,’ quickly evaluating what this person can do for them and how they can exploit them or steal their money, time, creativity and energy, which of course will be your privilege, not theirs.  They will often use someone for something specific, when they are no longer of use, they will dispose of them like they never existed and simply move onto their next target.

Psychopaths often throw in various ‘poor-me' stories into their repertoire to reel in empathetic people.  They are always complaining how hard done by they are, unlike their victims, this makes themselves appear less conspicuous and as if they actually have a heart.  Their constant sob stories also program their amassed sycophantic supporters to protect them from opposers on their behalf.  

Sociopaths are chameleons, master imitators.  People generally compromise a little, adapting within relationships, but these people are highly flexible with the extent they go to to reel in their victims.  This is easy for them as their persona is essentially already a total pre-tense.  Only those very close to them will know about their true personalities, others will be totally oblivious to who and what they really are.

They have very low creative ability and as a result are masters at observing, analysing & emulating others.  Blatantly stealing & plagarising the creativity, work, talents, actions and character traits of others & shamelessly carrying them off as their own; without ever crediting the original source of the work or thanking the source of their influences.

These hollow people have no range of normal, human emotional empathetic response. They will pretend to care, feel, love, be concerned, laugh, to cry even, but this is all learned, mimicked behaviour, it is most often disingenuous and always about them anyway.  They have little emotional range & emotional intelligence is very immature. If they have not encountered a situation before, they will have no clue how to deal with it (apart from raging). They simply cannot put themselves in the position of another and they simply don't have the capacity to care about anyone else anyway. 
Most emotional displays, apart from rage, hostility and defensiveness are all an act for the purposes of manipulation and feigning conventionality.  
If they do pretend to be emotionally upset, these displays are usually very poorly acted out, over the top and often bizarre to witness. 

Sociopaths, Narcissists and psychopaths, have NO innate ability to feel any love or compassion whatsoever. They are empty shells, soul-less people devoid of self-awareness, introspection, responsibility, integrity and will never take ownership of their actions or abusive ways. 

They can only have co-dependent relationships, as long as their partner is feeding their egocentricity, catering to their needs or helping them abuse others, they will keep them around. Otherwise they will simply move on to their next target.

Tactics and methods of psychologically impaired & disordered, handlers, controllers, reptilians, the possessed & manipulators.

Many people, women especially, have suffered from abusive relationships in various forms their whole lives, so when they are married to an sociopathic abuser they not even realize that what is occurring until much later on. They are programmed to accept abuse and think it is part of a loving relationship.  That control equals caring - 
This is not the case. 
These people care about nothing except themselves, their constant need to dominate others and obtain their narcissistic supply.
NEVER underestimate their threats of violence or harm.

1.) History of violence or battery
2.) Threats of violence, high volatility 
3.) Breaking objects
4.) Use of force during arguments 
5.) Unreasonable jealousy and possessiveness
6.) Controlling behaviour
7.) Quick involvement in relationships with lack of boundaries
8.) Verbal abuse, blaming others for problems
9.) Cruelty to children, animals
10.) Abrupt mood swings 

Beware of people who lie instantly & repeatedly and think there nothing is wrong with it.  Some sociopaths build their whole careers, relationships and lives around deceiving people; Everything is an act and they get off on how many people they can pull into their duplicitous web of deceit & destruction and how many they trick and trap with their lies.

People who secretly stalk you on line, this is part of their grooming process, they will spy on you, act as if they are interested in exactly the same things, emulating your words and behaviours to fit in, highlighting your ‘amazing similarities’ (mirroring technique). They are usually not very clever, so may also do this to appear more intelligent.
This personality merging and character ‘hi-jacking’ is stifling and engulfing to the point where you do not know where you end and they start.  They also over-analyze everything you do and say in order to detect weakness, which they will later play on.  Also to determine your strengths, which they then gradually attempt to undermine, or mimic, to claim as their own. (levelling)

Self-righteous, intransigent people who preach endlessly about everything and never give anyone a chance to speak in any conversation. They will often argue violently or mock anyone who tries to get their point across.  Shutting them down verbally, so they stop challenging or disagreeing with their opinions; They will always quickly turn the subject back to themselves. To them, you don’t matter, you are simply their audience to appease their egomania.

People who drain you energetically, take up all the space, constantly talking about their lives, whether you are interested or not. Deliberately causing drama to bring the spotlight and attention back to them. Sometimes they are very negative, depressing and dump all their issues onto you, showing no interest your life, or anything you say, they never listen or act on your advice. 

People who lack integrity, betray your trust and gossip about personal things you have told them in confidence behind your back.  Back-stabbing and berating you to others, especially people you are close to.  They do this to ingratiate themselves with others, to win their imaginary competition, to undermine you and of course, as a method to 'divide and conquer' someone from their friends, family, support systems, by creating conflict and isolation.

People who are incessantly needy, engulfing, overly available, controlling, obsessive, intense, lack boundaries and are always in your face demanding all your attention & making sure you stay interactive with them at all times. They overwhelm and engulf their victims with persistent contact until they adapt to it and treat the lack of space as normal.  They will claim to be ‘worried’ about you or become passive aggressive when you have something else to do and are often angry and jealous of your friends. 

Control freaks who demand you report back to them where you are and what you are doing at all times. They get suspicious if you do not answer their personal invasive questions, even if you are not ready to trust/share with them.  They need to gain information, monitor, report & analyze for their emulation, berating, undermining, separation and isolation strategies.

      People who are overly nice to you initially to reel you in, then gradually drop increasingly negative and nasty comments concerning your appearance, job, lifestyle, beliefs, words, or friends and family.  They will act capriciously, changing temperament within seconds for no reason, so you can never relax in their company. They contradict themselves in the same sentence, creating confusion and blurring the lines of their intentions,  so you never know exactly where you are with them.

They start to make more demands on your time, jealous of all your other relationships and will probably tell lies about other people in your life, to make you question them, with the intention of dividing you from all other relationships.  If anyone else is a source of trouble in your life, they often play on that to trigger you.

People who enjoy your misery, seeming to get off on your pain, wanting to hear every last traumatic detail, so they can feed off your emotional energy. Usually adding to the drama by offering negative advice, indicating a conflict was your fault, making light of it, or encouraging you to stay in abusive situations.

People who show no compassion or humanitarian spirit.  Personally or collectively, they are cold, heartless and lack caring, empathy or love.  They will often have a history of parental abuse, abusing animals as children, delinquent behaviours, not paying rent, car payments, moving from place to place frequently to avoid the legal repercussions of their l actions.

They have no creative outlet and have severe pent up aggression and anger issues. They tend to despise children, animals, nature, and have no ability to appreciate or enjoy nature, landscapes, art, music, literature, poetry etc.  They live for manipulation of and gratification from others, therefore not much else matters. Although some of them enjoy being around children (and dogs especially) because they are a good energy source, subservient, loyal, controllable and unquestioning.

People who feel hollow, with no real energy coming from them, they may pretend to  care, but you do not feel the love or compassion they claim to have, they feel cold and empty. They often have a creepy vibe to them, one that makes you nervous and anxious in their presence and feeling exhausted, drained, sad and possibly angry and resentful once you leave.

People who repeat themselves and their responses all the time, like they are simply going through the motions, reciting their programmed, memorized repertoire, the scripts and mantras of their lives never changes. They talk in cliches and the same programmed responses for the same situation with everyone, it feels like conversing with a robot after a while.

People who trigger you all the time, pressing all your buttons deliberately.  Once they have enough information as to your fears, vulnerabilities and past hurts, they will use these against you. Getting you worked up for their energy feed and control. Possessed people are quite psychic and demonic entities will also influence their behaviours as to what to do and say to emotionally abuse & intimidate.

People who have a background of many broken relationships, marriages, infidelity, promiscuity and sexual deviancy. These people will overtly use their sexuality to get attention, wearing provocative and revealing clothing, using suggestive actions and inappropriate innuendos to all and sundry to gain attention. They divulge too much information about their own sexual exploits, which are usually deviant and make others feel uncomfortable and dirty in their presence. (Histrionic personality disorder)

People who have an overt lust for money, power, sex, fame and success, usually at the expense of others who they use and abuse then dispose of.  

They are always concocting a variety of moneymaking hustler schemes that usually end in animosity, legal or police intervention, Beware of gangster types who have previous criminal records for violent, abusive, stalking behaviour and previous restraining orders. These want-to-be gangsters have often done jail time for petty theft, fraud, embezzlement, identity theft etc. Psychopaths deem themselves above the law and will create all sorts of bizarre stories to uphold their innocence. These con artists often leave a string of disgruntled people in their wake, those they have ripped off and have no conscience or remorse for.

They often hide behind some gloss veneer to make themselves appear more normal, spiritual, giving; church going, doing voluntary work, healing and help others; these claims of false philanthropy are simply part of their manipulation strategies. Some even ignorantly think it absolves them from their works of evil.  They will not do anything else for anyone else, unless there is something in it for them.

Narcissistic psychopaths often set themselves up as cult leaders, they exhibit  ‘savior/messianic complex,’ programming.  The new age, evangelical and health arenas are rife with these deceptive, self-appointed gurus.  Those who shamelessly make a fortune from preying on people’s vulnerabilities, health problems, programming and spiritual search. They never practice what they preach, but are apparently the only ones able to offer their kind of specific assistance. 
These people are charismatic leaders of sinister global agendas and are not what they appear, often double-agents secretly working for 'intelligence' agencies duping and destroying the lives and relationships of others whilst taking their money.  Deceiving their followers by using NLP, programming triggers and occult magick, leading them into dangerous practices, belief systems & further programming and vulnerability.

People who find it impossible to apologize or admit when they have made a mistake, even if you have clearly explained how much they have offended you. They will flatly deny, lie and twist things to lay the blame on you or others. Occasionally, they may offer a very insincere, fake, partial apology, usually in an angry manner, which they will make you pay for somehow later on.

People who have an overly strong sense of entitlement and expect everyone to be subservient to them and their every need, just because of who they think they are. They love posting pictures of themselves all over the internet, along with details of how wonderful and amazing they are,  so that others provide them with narcissistic supply.
These people are very good at masking their real characters, charming and reeling in naive followers. Social media is an ideal way for them to gain as many unsuspecting devotees as possible providing them with energy and monetary supply.

False friends, those who talk about all their problems then disappear as soon as you have an issue or need help, even though you have always been there for them, they become very disinterested when you actually require some assistance and their lack of empathy and low emotional IQ suddenly becomes very apparent.

People who don’t listen properly, you cannot get through to them whatever you say or do, have a highly selective memory and twist things to come out with a totally different version of events. One that to suits their agenda. They may do this so often and so convincingly, you might even start to question yourself.  (Gas-lighting)

These are just some of the tactics and traits of the psychopath, they tend to prey on innocent, trusting, honest, sincere, caring, sensitive, empathetic, lonely, isolated people. They will always try to take advantage of any perceived gullibility, naivety and vulnerability.  
Many will fall victim repeatedly & simply because they are trust-worthy and therefore trust others, not even considering the possibility of being duped or being able to comprehend a person who is so utterly self-serving and devious.

If you have reason to suspect you are in danger due to a relationship with some who presents a serious personality disorder, please research to learn more and seek assistance, protection and means to extricate yourself from the situation.  
Usually ceasing all contact is the only way to solve the problem. Walking away will save yourself a great deal of emotional, mental and potential physical violence. Do not believe their lies, hang around expecting them to change, or dismiss their threats of violence, there is no time for doubt or second chances when you are dealing with a psychopathic individual.

More in Parts II & III on NPD parents and how to heal from psychopathic abuse.

"We shine a bright spotlight on the little man sitting on the stair, and — voila! — We discover the incontrovertible fact that he is not only there; he is not a little man at all. He's a giant, dark, wicked, corrupt, conspiring, sly, cunning, devious, dangerous ogre who fully deserves all the contemptible attention we can focus on him. 
He's more than a spook, he's a bloodsucking parasite, a monster who is sitting on the stair blocking us from entering, a criminal thug lying in wait to waylay you and me and rob us of our belongings, our health, our very lives. Without him sitting there detrimentally blocking our path, the world would be a far better place. Certainly a safer and happier place. "  Dr. Peter Ruckman

Book References/Recommended Reading/Web Sites

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'Dark Souls' - Healing and Recovering from Toxic Relationships – Sarah Strudwick
'The Psychopath Test'  - Jon Ronson 
'The Sociopath Next Door' - Martha Stout Ph.D.
'Love Bite' - Eve Lorgen 
'Snakes in Suits' - Robert D Hare, Paul Babiak
'Malignant Self-Love' - Sam Vankin

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1 comment:

  1. This article is bang on! Very clear and insightful. This knowledge is completely true based on my life experiences. I've lived with and know what psychopaths can be like, and see how some people can have many different faces. The most insidious thing about them is that THEY THINK THEY'RE COMPLETELY NORMAL o_O (and so does most other people because they're not trained to observe this and see people objectively) ! Their ego-confidence is so strong and exaggerated, that it is infectious, to the point that most people fall for it. Sadly, many relationships that people believe are based on true understanding, empathy, and genuine connection are actually illusions that can be really painful to accept once you realize what they really are; unfortunately, the truth is often never consciously recognized or understood (they don't teach you this in school).

    I think some souled individuals can be psychopaths too. A souled-psychopath will have the extra powers of creativity, intuitive knowledge, potential psychic perception to some extent, higher awareness, and attractive/charismatic individuality or uniqueness to aid their schemes. Non-souled (spiritless) psychopaths are more numerous, and lack those qualities. I don't know if everyone can change, though most, obviously never will as it is just not how they were built.

    It's important to be able to distinguish between a good, decent, compassionate person having a bad day and doing something wrong (we all make mistakes), verses, a fundamentally psycho/sociopathic (same thing pretty much) person. There is a HUGE difference. Especially since it's the psychopaths who usually 'go the extra mile' in telling you what you want to hear, and put in extra effort to dramatically convince people they are good and decent, while they're actually cold and disconnected. Their emotional maturity really is infantile, it's kinda funny, but also scary. They're often the ones at the heights of power in this rat race economic culture, seemingly designed for psychopaths to excel in.

    Beware of people who routinely MIRROR your energy. It is often a sign of them sampling your psychic energy and reflecting it back to you, thereby establishing rapport, and attracting you, comfortably like a magnet (like attracts like). Psychic vampires like this will often be MORE comfortable to be around a lot of the time because they simply don't emit any energy of their own, they merely vampirize or reflect the energy of those around them. [you may also notice that they don't need as much quality food or sleep as well as other things, as they get most of their energy from others (!)] Another clue is that they will 'feel smooth, yet off. Kind of like a used car salesman'.

    Also according to esoteric teachings, there are big metaphysical differences between types of humans. Many people, do not have the higher chakras within their being, and this accounts for the lack of higher senses, like love, empathy, and wisdom.

    It took me a while to learn to better see people objectively, without being naive and projecting my own qualities onto them. I took psychopathic-psychic-vampires too seriously and was let down every single time. I think psychopathy is WAY more common than suspected and it's usually only the more obvious psychopaths we notice. The successful, average, everyday psychopath (with no empathy) goes unnoticed and never suspected all the time. This knowledge is extremely important. This is basic fundamental Matrix Survival Knowledge 101. It's great to see this subject get more airplay.