Thursday, 31 October 2013


In recent years, the media have popularized the term 

‘soul-mate,’ leading many to believe 
that we have only one true ‘soul mate’, 
that one special person who we should seek to 
experience the ultimate relationship with.
The attainment of this perfect ‘soul-mate’ reunion, 
will supposedly lead to the ideal reciprocal relationship,
 one which will complete you 
you will both live happily ever after, 
free of all incompatibilities or conflict.

This fantasy concept causes confusion & disillusionment, 
perpetuating continual seeking for contentment outside of self.  
Everyone already has all they require within themselves. 
A notion that someone is not complete until they have 
sought out & found the ‘one,' creates great pressure. 

The term ‘soul-mate’ is a mis-leading definition, in actuality, 
we have many hundreds (if not more) of ‘soul-mates’.  
This is a primary group of souls with the same Oversoul,
with whom we frequently re-incarnate. 
There are also adjacent companion soul-groups, 
which also interact & other rival groups that compete 
and oppose each other.
The whole human race is comprised of one group of beings 
with a relative frequency who are all inextricably linked
in one huge human 'soul-family'.

Those within a primary soul group are those who
share a similar vibrational frequency & experiences, reincarnating with each other repeatedly.
Soul contracts are put in place with these familiar souls 
to meet for certain reasons along our life-journeys.
         Similar frequencies gravitate towards each other, 
   so many soul mates will be attracted over the course of a life-time, 
even more so if this is done consciously.
         These ‘soul-mates’ are various people of all ages, in all walks of life, 
from all over the world:- 
Parents, friends, teachers, co-workers, neighbours, partners, etc. 
All those we have significant relationships with which 
promote soul-maturation, transformation, change, healing & inner-growth.

The initial recognition & familiarity of a ‘soul-mate’ 
will often be immediate. 
Some meetings are pre-ordained for specific reasons 
at certain times & these re-unions will often invoke 
deeper feelings & intense emotional responses.
These people feel like family, there are less boundaries & inhibitions.  
If two souls have shared a close bond in 
previous lives, this mutual recognition can
 make it easier to work on life-lessons together,
on life goals, personal issues and 
resolution of specific karmic imbalances.

One or both persons will often act a catalyst to the other to move them forward 
into the next stage of their lives, creating major shifts & internal progression.
They bring an opportunity for major life-lessons to be learnt.
Karmic influences are released & this prepares the soul 
for higher resonance relationships, through the strengthening 
of inner attributes, helping to align true life-purposes.

This intense magnetic attraction to your 'soul-mate'
may feel as if you have found the ‘one’, but this 
excitement maybe residual emotion from 'past' lives together.
Lives as brother, sister, cousin, parent 
and then others as husband/wife, 
may be a cause of emotional confusion. 
Often we do not fully recognise roles other people have 
played in previous incarnations.
The tendency is to seek to repeat previous patterns 
of romantic relationships & to recreate the
union & re-enact similar events.
So its important to see how the relationship develops 
& wait to see if the original  physical attraction dissipates.
As this time around, this reunion may not be for 
the purpose of an intimate partnership.

Soul-mate relationships are spiritual contracts, 
pre-destined for certain karmic resolutions.
Karma is the Natural Law of cause & effect, 
when someone causes karmic bonds, 
this is usually due to violations of Natural Law in 
regards to the freewill of another.
This is most commonly seen in relationships 
where one person has acted as a controlling figure. 
Then it is often a case of one person taking their 
power back, refusing to fall into old patterns of 
victimisation by the other.

 Whole soul groups have been involved in tribal wars, patriotic battles etc. 
So volatile karmic influences may also arise 
between individuals & whole groups of people. 
'Soul-mate' relationships can be as painful & torturous 
as they are harmonious, as heavy karmic influences are balanced. 
Once this is done those involved can move forward to other 
relationships that are more suitably balanced. 

Those who are consciously aware of the various lessons their many different 
relationships provide, will on various levels, 
learn the most about who they are & balance greater karma.
Most people chose to remain with one life-partner 
for long periods of time.  
This in-effect can inhibit soul growth 
with other soul mates & potentially more compatible matches.  
A life partner maybe what the soul has chosen and is the societal norm,
but it should not induce suffering 
if you are pushed to move on to new experiences.


Upon incarnation on Earth, the nature of these 
lower densities meant that a soul could not bring their 
entire soul essence to this lower vibration, 
part of their energy was ‘split’ off.
This energy remains in ‘spirit’ to be reunited upon transition.   
In very exceptional circumstances, 
the division of soul energy is contained within another body, 
who also reincarnates within the same time period. 
This is literally the other half of a souls energy, commonly 
known as a ‘twin soul’, ‘twin flame’ or ‘soul essence’.

This is another misnomer in current new age media that suggests more seeking for the other half of yourself, 
when it is actually a very rare occurrence for this 
composite energy of yourself to be in physical 
incarnation at the same time.
Those who have chosen to incarnate with their ‘twin soul,’ 
will often have powerful, specific & public roles to carry out on Earth.
There may also be ‘twin-flame’ reunion if someone has had a life of very 
traumatic events, where the other half’s
energy was required to aid recovery.
Often these partnerships are not incredibly romantic,
as focus is mainly on their ‘mission’ together, so the 
partnership is usually more business orientated.
Often the twin flame relationship will cause 
major turmoil in your life in a very fast way -
all for your own evolution. 
They maybe a person who takes you to the extent of your
boundaries, a place where you have never been before.  


People expend a huge amount of energy longing for a saviour figure to come in to 
fix them & solve all their problems. 
No one can do your self-healing work but you.
The seeking of another to make life ‘complete’ & ameliorate all inner imbalance, 
will only serve to high-light what requires work.
Once you realize you contain all you need within & are already complete, 
then you are ready to commit to another without dependancy.
Allowing them the freedom to be themselves without making 
demands on them for your own healing.
Only then can a true non-co-dependent relationship commence.

Most relationships will be difficult & unfulfilling if neither partner has 
done any form of self-healing work on themselves. 
They will simply be going though the motions of what they deem to be a 
loving partnership. 
Most relationships are simply founded on co-dependency,
co-habitation & fears of being alone.
If one person has worked on themselves and the other has neglected this process,
then this incongruence in frequency
 will often eventually cause a separation.

Our ‘primary’ soul mate, is the highest vibrational 
match to our frequency, but this can change over time.
The key to the attraction & alignment with your current, primary & most ideal ‘soul-mate’, 
is done by raising & clearing your own frequency, 
achieved by working on aspects of 
self-healing, balancing energy, practicing self-acceptance, 
self-awareness, non-judgment, un-conditional love, 
'inner-child' work & releasing all non-beneficial programs,
thoughts & past traumas.
This work will attract someone of a higher vibrational alignment, so you 
both resonate a more balanced frequency together.

 The more self-awareness, the greater chance you will have of creating a truly loving, 
honest & respectful union with a mate for the soul, 
complimenting & enhancing your life journeys together.
The more work achieved, the more profound the 
partner-ship will be.

Seeking ‘wholeness’ through external sources does 
not provide true inner fulfilment, 
it only serves to compliment who you already are. 
This innate quest to seek ourselves within another, is an externalisation 
of self & is actually a reflection of 
seeking reconnection with our Source.
It is this reunion that one actually seeks.

  • If you have not worked on yourself, the person you will attract will reflect all your issues back to you & this will often be emotionally painful.
  • You will never find the right person, when you are still looking for yourself.  
  • If you don’t know who you are, you will never be able to truly connect to another.
  • Working on self, enhances life & brings forward soul-mates for karmic release, clearing the way to find true, potential  life-partners. 
  • If you don’t love & accept yourself unconditionally, you will not be fully committed & unconditionally loving to another.
  • You have all within you that you think you may lack & require from another.
  • If it all seems to good to be true, it usually is.
  • Replace control & judgment with acceptance & forgiveness.
  • Be devoted to yourself, before you can be devoted to others.
  • Do not settle for less than you are worthy of out of loneliness.
  • Be patient, dont heavily invest in psychics, guru's, readings or people who will simply tell you what you want to hear for a price.
  • Sometimes your soul mate can be a pet who provides you with love and balance. 
  • Be specific about what you seek in a partner, down to the   very last detail.
  • You cant start the next chapter of your life when you keep re-reading the old one.
  • State your intention to call forward the highest vibrational human match for you at this time. 
  • Be prepared to go through the lead before you find the gold.


  1. Another great article :)

    I agree with pretty much everything here. Except 'karma' I'm not too sure about. I don't know if there is like a universal or cosmic referee that makes sure a wrongdoer gets punished every time they're bad. It seems like the world is more of a free for all with light and darkness creating friction between each other at all levels. I think we have goals, missions and pre-planned lessons set out for us before we incarnate somewhere though 'Karma' (the way it's commonly understood) I'm not so sure about. Good actions, thoughts and feelings generate more of the same, and the same with darker energies in your life. Some people enjoy dark feelings, hate and anger, they feed off of it so what might be considered karmic punishment to one person may be just more fun for another. I think our higher self directs and guides us to what we need to experience, like if we need a hard lesson or positive experience. Different kinds of humans have different cases and we each go to our own respective realms after death, where we belong, where we wouldn't want it any other way, whatever is a natural environment for our kind of soul. It's difficult to accept all this suffering for compassionate souls is because they did something wrong in the past and need to be punished for it to grow. Overcoming evil aids spiritual growth though, it makes you stronger from the battle.

    Self forgiveness is very important because a lot of our wrongdoings we feel guilty for were probably more due to external influences if you are a good soul deep down. The darkness covers up the light in the soul and we just have to clear away the negative conditioning and behaviours that block that light. And then remember who we really are.

    1. Well i dont think karma relates to a punitive god who dictates good and bad, it relates to the Universal Law of cause and effect. That for every action there is a reaction. Those who try to absolve their misdemeanours, through various spiritual legal outs, will also be held accountable. There is no remedy for conscious acts of evil, eventually it destroys itself, via entropic imbalance. Truth and justice always balances all in the end...