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Going back to basics simplifies and balances things in most areas of our lives; Nutrition is no exception. 
Once changes are assimilated into life-style, it becomes simple, effective.  
Vast differences in energy, sleep & general well-being can be noted after detox and prolonged abstinence from chemicals & artificial foods achieved.
Symptoms of detox vary according to level of toxic burden. If you feel lightheaded, dizzy, headaches, nausea, increase water intake, rest & eat light, grounding proteins. 

Ideally food should be sourced from 'Farmers markets', local butchers, organic grocers & independent specialised food shops that offer more variety & healthier varieties of foods than major supermarkets. This also supports local traders & independent suppliers. Produce should be organic, unpackaged and unprocessed, as close to their natural state as possible. 

  • Juicing fasts (drinking only green juice for a few days) is one of the most effective ways to up intake of live nutrients and purge the digestive system. 
     Green leafy vegetables should be organic & ratio should be approx 
     90% green to 10% fruit to taste.  
     Avoid raw cruciferous vegetables if you have thyroid imbalances. 
     Slow press juicers are more efficient than centrifugal ones. 
  • Far infra red saunas & steam rooms help the body to eliminate toxins. 
  • Replace lost electrolytes/trace elements with colloidal mineral drinks. 
  • Regular massages are important for releasing toxins & realigning energy fields. 
  • Colonic irrigation removes plaque that may have built up in the colon, a great way to drop kilos & clean out the system. Magnesium Oxide can also be used for bowel cleanse. 
  • Oil pulling removes toxins from the mouth. Upon waking, before eating or drinking, swill sesame or coconut oil around the mouth for 10 minutes to extract bacteria. 
  • Eating only fruit/salad in the morning until midday, allows elimination process to become more efficient. Eat main meal at lunch and have lighter dinner. Eating fruit only for a few days is also a good method of detox.
  • Dry skin brushing releases toxic build up in fat cells. 
  • Fasting, drinking only water is powerful detox, lengths of detox should be carefully incremented. Start with half day, one day, 2 days. Break fast gradually with raw vegetables and fruit.
Read the packets before you buy & learn to distinguish the harmful ingredients. If you can't pronounce it or it contains numbers, it is usually unhealthy, even if it claims to be a natural, an 'anti oxidant' or added vitamin. 
(i.e - 'Fortified with Iron', on cereals, actually means it contains iron fillings.) 
The fewer, basic ingredients in a product, the better.

Eating 'clean' can take time & commitment. As close to natural unprocessed foods are basic, simple & maybe regarded as tasteless until you get used to them, create simple nutritional meals & salads with healing spices & herbs, avoiding shop-bought sauces. 


MEAT - Organic humanly treated beef, lamb, chicken, liver 
Should be grass fed, antibiotic, hormone, steroid free. 
Over cooking meats compromises nutrition.
Pork is prone to parasites. 
Meat from commercial sources are fed grains which disrupt natural omega 3/6 ratios & foods often contain GMO soy & corn, these meats also may contain growth hormones, steroids, pesticides and antibiotics. 
Nitrates & sulphites/preservatives in processed meats (bacon, salami, proscuitto etc) are carcinogenic.

EGGS - Organic from antibiotic, hormone, unvaccinated and battery free chickens are a complete food. Free-range chickens fed on grass, meal and solely grain, retain the correct mix of omega 3/6. Watch out for dyed yolks & bleached egg shells.

FISH - Wild Salmon, trout, smaller fish such as sardines and mackerel are rich in omega 3. Larger fish like Swordfish & Tuna can contain higher mercury levels.

NUTS - Some nuts contain high mould content (brazil, peanuts). It is important to source very fresh, raw nuts that are preferably not packaged in plastics. 
Nuts make a healthy, filling snack, far better than any sugary, wheat based items.
Raw walnuts, almonds, macadamias, sunflower seeds, sesame, pepitas are most nutritious. Soak nuts overnight in distilled water to make them more digestible & to release enzymes. Avoid peanuts, cashews and anything salted, coated, baked or fried. 

SALT - Celtic sea salt, French lake salt & Macrobiotic sea salt are unrefined and still contain essential minerals. Should have mineral content ratios on packets and be a slightly off white colour and be more expensive than average sea/refined salts.

HEALTHY FATS - Organic avocados, wild or line caught fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, trout) Nuts & seeds. Apricot Kernel oil is good source of Vit B17. All oils should be cold pressed.

FERMENTED FOODS - Non Pasteurised sauerkraut, Fermented vegetables, Kefir, Biodynamic unpasteurized yoghurt, all promote beneficial bacteria. 
All grains, seeds & pulses should be soaked and preferably sprouted before use.

TURMERIC - Is a powerful antioxidant, reduces inflammation, oxidisation, is great for mental health, arthritis & healing a wide range of diseases, including cancer.

JUICING - Juicing organic fresh green leafy vegetables as a base, then add other vegetables and limit to 2 fruits per pint. Doing a juice fast (only drinking juice & water) great way to detoxing and has many overall health benefits.

DETOX FOODS - Parsley, Coriander, Acai, Apples, Beetroot, Nettle, Kale, Artichoke, Lemon, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Green Leafy Veg, Celery, Cucumber, Nuts, 


Food sources should provide adequate vitamins & minerals, but due to severely mineral depleted, over-farmed soils, supplementation is necessary to boost immunity, cure disease and protect against deficiency.

Often supplements are sold in inorganic, synthetic forms which are not assimilated correctly into the body, elemental forms of minerals damage the body and form deposits in the joints & arteries because they are not properly absorbed. These are often cheap, carbonate and generic forms, found at the chemist or supermarket, containing fillers and additives.  

Vitamins should be high-quality, such as colloidal, ionic, amino acid and chelated forms. 

* Vitamins will not be absorbed by the body unless there are adequate trace elements/micro minerals present to absorb them.

Vitamins work in synergistic response to each other, so learn about vitamin synergy to make best use of their efficacy. Taking an excess of one vitamin, may deplete another. i.e Calcium/Vit D/Magnesium, Vit C/Iron, Potassium/Sodium

Take supplements early in the morning to give body best chance to digest. 
RDA are often too low to have any serious health-impact. Some supplements only become beneficial at higher doses. Vit D, Magnesium, Vit C, Probiotics etc. 

These basics are essential to maintaining health & offering 'prevention over cure'.

TRACE ELEMENTS - Are essential for absorption of vitamins, without them vitamins are not assimilated into the body. The most effective and beneficial trace element/micro minerals are obtained in colloidal forms. These mineral drinks should be from moor biomass sources. 

VIT D - Provides immune boosting, intergral to many functions in the body, 
4000 IU plus, esp when combatting certain health conditions. Vit D prevents cancer, most people are deficient. Sunlight is a better form, do not wash off after being in the sun, to allow it to absorb into the skin.

VIT C - Preferably with added bio-flavonoids, promotes heart health, immunity, adrenal support, and cures scurvy, the cause of heart disease. See info link below for best forms of vitamin C. Rosehip forms are very effective. 

VIT B - Are synergistic & best taken in a complex or preferably as Brewers Yeast. Particularly good for depression, brain function, PMT, adrenals and cognitive function repair. 

CALCIUM - Best form is plant derived forms. Calcium is found in leafy green vegetables, (chard, spinach, kale, etc) quinoa & molasses.  Calcium formulas should be combined with magnesium & for better absorption and Vit D. Avoid calcium carbonate.

PROBIOTICS - Essential for restoring beneficial bacteria, many diseases are due to compromised gut health, inc mental conditions. Beneficial bacteria are depleted due to alcohol, medications, processed foods, coffee, tobacco, stress etc. Some probiotics are processed in the stomach before the bacteria enters the digestive system. Make sure probiotics are absorbed in intestines instead of stomach. Take on empty stomach.

MAGNESIUM - Is responsible for over 300 different functions in the body, maintaining joint, heart, brain and hormone health. Magnesium is a relaxer & great asset to maintaining healthy body and mind. Take in powder form; citrate, gluconate, orotate and chelate forms, (magnesium chloride can be oil applied to skin in liquid form.) Avoid carbonate forms.
EFA's - (Essential Fatty Acids) Krill oil, Cod liver oil, Primrose oil, Vitamin E, benefit heart, brain, digestion and joint mobility. Make sure sources are very high quality cold pressed, oil turns rancid very quickly. Refrigerate.

ANTI-OXIDANTS - In formulas usually contain a mix of selenium, Vit A, C
& E, Astaxanthin, Grape seed extract, Potassium, turmeric, citrus bioflavonoids, zinc, pine bark, etc. (Selenium short-term only) 

WILD YAM - For hormonal imbalance from oestrogen dominance (very common). Balances progesterone. Take in capsule form for higher bio-availabilty.

IODINE - Bromine in bread leaches iodine from the body, as does tap water and other foods. Many are deficient in iodine, which can be remedied with nascent potassium iodide. Thyroid complications and many forms of cancer are due to iodine deficiencies. Test levels with GP before taking preferably Lugols.

GREEN POWDERS/JUICE - Wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorophyl, chlorella, alfalfa etc. Can be found in powdered mixes, this is a great way to alkalise the body and restore mineral and vitamin nutritional balance & also detox heavy metals.

WATER - 2-3 Litres of distilled water per day. Drink only Herbal Tea with meals as water/juice dilutes stomach acid & digestive enzymes.


DIGESTION/PARASITES - Slippery Elm powder, EFA's, Probtiotics, Colonics, Black walnut, Magnesium, Pau D'arco, Green juice fasting, Aloe Vera, Papaya, Pineapple, Ginger, Camomille, Lavender & Peppermint teas.
AVOID: Wheat, Dairy, Tap water

JOINT PAIN/ARTHRITIS Magnesium, Distilled Water, EFA's, Green juice fasting, Stretching/Yoga/Ti Chi, Calcium Fluoride Tissue salt, Vit D3, Parsley, Sesame seeds, Cayenne pepper, Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Burdock root tea, Cat's Claw, Glucosamine, Lavender oil, Yoga & Massage.
AVOID: Wheat, Dairy, Tap water

SKIN CONDITIONS - Liver Detox, Milk Thistle, EFA's, Probiotics, Colonics, Aloe vera, Silica - Tissue Cell Salt, Calc Sulph - Tissue salt, Zinc (chelated & short-term only) Green juice fasting, Cucumber, Coconut Oil, Magnesium, Neem, Geranium Essential oil, Rosehip tea/oil, Green French clay (face mask), Bentonite Clay, Papaya face mask.
AVOID: Wheat, Dairy, Tap water

DEPRESSION/ANXIETY - Trace Elements, EFA's, B Vit Complex, B12, B6, Vit C, Folate, CoQ10, Magnesium with Tyrosine, Chromium, Pro-biotics, Evening Primrose oil, Camomile Tea, Lavender, Pine, Orange Essential oils, Regular exercise, meditation, Heavy metal detox. 
AVOID: Sugar, Alcohol, Processed foods, Tap water. 

ADRENAL BURNOUT/EPA AXIS - 1-2g of Vit C every 3 hours, Vit B Complex, Proteins, Magnesium, Macca, Thyroid complex containing iodine, Regular light exercise, meditation & yoga, Camomile, Lemonbalm, Skullcap teas. Kava, Lavender oil, Clary Sage oil. Sleeping before 11pm.
AVOID: Caffeine, chocolate, stress, table salt, loud music, high meat intake.

PMT/HORMONAL IMBALANCE - (is commonly caused by excess estrogen)
Wild Yam capsules, Chaste tree, EFA's, Detox, Noni Juice, D3, Magnesium, Vit B6, Ginger tea, Parsley, Green juice fasting, Chromium, Magnesium, Geranium Essential oil. Regular exercise, massage, meditation and yoga.
AVOID: Xeno-estrogens (see Part I), Stress, Unfermented Soy, Contraceptive pill.

DIABETES - EFA's, Vit D, Probiotics, Nuts, Green Juice fast, Chromium, Cinnamon, Colloidal Trace element drink, Magnesium, Star Anise.
AVOID: Wheat, sugar, high-carbs, alcohol.

LIVER DETOX - Green Juice fasting, Dandelion tea, milk thistle (short-term only), Burdock root tea, Green tea, Vit C, BiotinGrapefruit, Digestive Enzymes.
AVOID: Trans Fats, Grains, alcohol, processed foods, meat. 

WEIGHT BALANCE - Thyroid balance complex with iodine,  2-3 litres distilled water per day, Green Juice, Magnesium, Chromium, EFA's, Calcium, Pro-biotics,  Homeopathic Sulphur, Cinnamon, Watermelon, Avocado, Pepitas, Grapefruit, Exercise, Sleep.
AVOID: Fried/processed food, Grains, Sugar, Processed foods, Corn, Beer, White Potatoes.

IMMUNITY - Vit D, EFA's, Olive leaf extract, Vit C, Green Juice detox, Anti-oxidents, Probiotics, Fermented foods, Reishi, Cordyceps, Astragalus, Echinacea, Ginseng, Super-foods, Cleavers, Artichoke extract, Watermelon.
AVOID: Stress, Sugar, Coffee, Alcohol, Electronic equipment, Processed foods, tap water, Soy, Commercial/processed meat.

* Grapefruit may have contraindications with some prescribed medications.

All Health Recommendations are advice only, should not replace advice from GP.


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