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In the 21st century the average Human should be biologically capable of living to the ages of 120-150. Due to the amount of environmental pollution, artificial chemical agents in food, water & homes, toxins in medications, 
emotional stress & mis-education about nutrition, human longevity has been severely compromised.  

The amount of toxins people are exposed to on a daily basis is astounding. Studies show the body may contain some 700 synthetic chemicals 
& heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, by the time they reach 50. 
The effects of these toxins are cumulative & unless regular 'detoxing' is done, the body may reach potential overload and disease results. 

The typical Western diet consists of high meat, dairy & grain based food groups, all of which are acid forming & 
can cause a wide array of health conditions over time. 
Due to lifestyle factors, many rely on heavily processed, packaged foods, 
which are high in artificial chemical ingredients adding to toxicity.
This overload can result in poor digestion, auto-immune conditions, chronic inflammation, allergies, deficiencies, hormone imbalances 
& a whole array of more serious metabolic issues, as various bodily processes go out of sync.

Malnutrition is a silent epidemic in todays society. Nutritional advice & 'healthy eating' recommendations from industry standards, 
(i.e The Heart Foundation, WHO, FDA etc) contain blatant misinformation & make people fear many foods which are in fact beneficial. 
This misleading of the public has caused disease rates to increase steadily over the years, while also aiding the growth of the 
multi-billion dollar Pharmaceutical Industry. 

Everyone has different genetics, body types, blood types, metabolic rates, nutritional requirements, deficiencies, excesses & digestion abilities. etc.
There is no one ideal nutritional plan for everyone.
THere are however foods that everyone should avoid. 

Food should be as medicine for the body, 
which means not eating anything you want, but what your body needs
Consuming what you need to maintain health, should be a way of life, not a temporary diet. 

A thorough detox programme is often all that is required to rebalance many imposing health conditions. 
Detoxing should be done gradually, on a regular basis, to avoid such build up. 

This begins with the elimination of certain unhealthy foods, providing a more responsive system, helping to identify what works for you nutritionally. 
Some blood tests & food allergy tests can also benefit. 
Personalised nutrition is a great cure to many health concerns.
especially according to blood type and metabolic rates. See: -

Many of the unnatural foods consumed are addictive, give yourself time to reduce the amount consumed, 
gradually noticing the benefits over time. 

Here are a few basic food items that pose potential health risks to everyone & are best eliminated or limited. 


WHEAT - Is an addictive allergen, which is now highly processed containing little nutrition and has been linked to cardiovascular disease, arthritis, atherosclerosis, diabetes & many other health conditions
Gluten content in grains turns into a glue like substance in digestive process. This can block digestive tract, also doing damage to the villi in the intestinal tract, which limits absorption of nutrients & can cause perforations, leading to leaky gut syndrome. Once grains are avoided inflammation, bloating, weight loss, reflux & digestion abilities vastly improve. Especially for blood type O's. 

DAIRY - All dairy products (except human milk) are unhealthy & contain several proteins that are indigestible by all humans. We are told we need dairy for calcium for bone health, when nothing could be further from the truth! 
Dairy consumption actually causes osteoporosis (bone depletion) over time, because it is excessively acid forming, it depletes calcium & literally pulls this mineral from the bone.
Dairy is extremely inflammatory & mucous forming & can cause symptoms of malabsorption, asthma, sinus, chronic fatigue, kidney stones, breast cancer & many other health conditions. 
Commercial milk & dairy products are also full of growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics, pus, bacteria, diseases (bovine leukaemia) & chemical fillers & whiteners etc. 
Goat's milk contains less lactose, but is still unassimilated, especially by asian, african & indian genes. Almond, rice milk & raw unpasteurized milk products (kefir, quark, biodynamic yoghurt/butter) are a healthier alternatives. 
AVOID soy milk, margarine & vegetarian cheese.

MEAT - Those of O+/- blood type have more HCL (stomach acid) to digest heavy proteins such as red meat. Lean, grass-fed organic beef can actually speed up the metabolism, if eaten moderately & in combination with the correct foods.
If blood type is A, the agrarian type, their composition makes it harder to digest heavy proteins. Those with this blood-type should completely avoid red meat, consuming chicken/fish & higher vegetable/fruit/pulse food groups. 
We all require higher protein sources to build muscle & DNA, so vegans/vegetarians generally become weaker by totally avoiding meat over time. Nutrition should be balanced & meat intake should be according to the bodies ability to digest it. 
After age 40 production of HCL decreases, supplementation of HCL/digestive enzymes/amino acids maybe advisable. 
Excessive meat intake can put pressure on kidneys, liver & digestive tract, so it maybe best to avoid eating meat on a daily basis.

SOY - Soy is not a health food as promoted. Is a highly estrogenic substance, causing hormonal & endocrine disruption. 
This can eventually result in PMS, obesity, thyroid complications, adrenal fatigue, infertility & many other health conditions. 
Many women already have high estrogen levels due to artificial sources of estrogens in the foods & environment - Foods sprayed with pesticides,  personal care products, cleaning sprays, air fresheners, plastics, (water bottles, food containers & food packaging) tap water, medications, stress etc. All create excess estrogen in the body. All soy products are now GMO, whether they say so or not. Fermented soy (tamari, miso, tempeh) contain less estrogenic compounds & are ok in small amounts, but if you have 'estrogen dominance' it is advisable to avoid all soy. 

VEGETABLE OILS, CANOLA/RAPESEED OIL Polyunsaturated vegetable oils contain high levels of Omega 6's, which imbalance the beneficial omega 3/6 ratio. Vegetable oils oxidise quickly, turning rancid within the body, depleting good cholesterol gained from the correct saturated fats. Olive oil is damaged by heat in cooking and is best reserved for salads. 
Coconut oil is better for cooking, as it is not as susceptible to heat damage & is a beneficial fat and contains high levels of beneficial saturated fats. 'Rapeseed oil' was primary used for industrial purposes & banned by the FDA for human consumption way back in 1956. It was re-engineered, modified reintroduced under the name 'canola', declared fit for consumption, but it is still highly dangerous, causing cell damage, allergic reaction. It is used in many packaged and fast food preparation because it is cheap, but should be totally avoided.

MARGARINE - Despite it's advertising as a health product, margarine is a  dangerous waste product, completely hydrogenated, containing trans-fats, free radicals, emulsifiers (soy), preservatives, hexane (petroleum based oil) and other toxic solvents. Eating margarine lowers immunity & actually triples the risk of heart disease. Best alternatives are coconut oil or organic raw milk butter, from grass-fed cows, which contains beneficial conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is known to help fight cancer & diabetes. We need cholesterol for brain function and nervous system etc, its oxidised cholesterol that creates a problem. 

PROCESSED FOODS - Anything packaged & heavily processed is usually devoid of nutrients & usually contain several harmful toxic chemicals. MSG is also added to many packaged products, particularly soups, stocks, chips and even personal care products. It is also prevalent in chinese/thai take aways) MSG is a neuro-excitotoxin (kills brain cells) & harms the liver, although natural occurring in many foods, when added high levels in synthetic form, is harmful; 
Especially to those with hormonal imbalance as severe allergic reactions can occur - MSG can be labelled on foods under various guises - 'E621', 'E620-625' 'yeast extract' soy protein', 'hydrolysed wheat protein' 'vegetable protein', 'herbs & spices'. 
'E-numbers' or unpronounceable chemical additives are synthetics added to foods which not only damage but also deplete health in a numerous ways. 

WATER - Tap water contains over 350 major contaminants, including sodium fluoride, a poison which is an IQ suppressant & has links to an extensive variety of severe health issues. 
Bottled water/ Mineral water/ Spring water contain elemental minerals that the body cannot assimilate, these minerals sit in the joints, arteries and organs, causing plaque buildup. ( see the inside of your kettle) 
Bottled water also contains harmful BPA plastic residues from the bottles. 
Spring water can also contain radon from the Earth. 
Boiling tap water increases fluoride content. 
Cheap water filters hardly remove anything.
Reverse osmosis also rarely removes everything, including fluoride. 
Distilled water is pure, hydrating & flushes the build up of plaques & toxins.
Distiller machines are relatively cheap to buy & run. Preferably convert your whole house to run on distilled water if that is economically possible. 
Water Ionisers create a higher PH level & this may also benefit health, but too high an alkalinity will compromise stomach acid and digestion abilities.
Avoid tap water and fluoridated toothpaste.

SUGAR - Is highly processed, devoid of nutrients & highly addictive. It feeds candida imbalance, diabetes, pancreatic complaints, sugar pulls nutrients from the body, lowering immune system function. Sugar is present in many processed foods, particularly sauces, biscuits & cakes. Create your own sauces & sweeten foods by replacing sugar with honey or stevia, until you have overcome the addiction. Fruit, root vegetables & natural sugars provide sweetness until withdrawal cravings diminish, eventually it becomes possible to remove processed sugar entirely from the diet.

TINNED FOODS - Contain high levels of BPA from the plastic lining of the can. This again mimics estrogen in the body, disrupting hormones and adding heavy metal to the toxic burden. Tinned tomatoes have been measured with the highest levels of BPA.

SALT - Salt is required by the body to maintain natural internal water balance. Table salt is highly refined, this processing makes it devoid of natural minerals. Processed table salt often contains glass fillers, chlorine & aluminium; Which causes Alzheimer's. Unrefined Celtic Sea Salt & unrefined Lake salt from reliable sources have the highest mineral content. Put a pinch of salt in distilled water to remineralise it. All Land/Rock salt contains radon from the Earth, which is also harmful. (Inc. pink Himalayan salt.)

FISH - The larger the fish the more contaminated it maybe. Mercury is often found in larger fish (particularly tuna & swordfish) and many other toxins from the sea. Farmed fish are fed grains (soy & corn) & processed pellets containing other detrius from the sea, which disturb their natural Omega 3/6 ratios & which often contain antibiotics, Dioxins, DDT & colorant dyes.
Shellfish such as prawns, mussels, oysters, scallops etc. filter contaminants from the water & may cause allergic reactions. Often coming from low-economically run & poorly maintained sources, such as China & Thailand, these products are reputed to contain many harmful bacterias, viruses, pathogens & effulent from the areas they are farmed, plus the artificial feeds given. 

NON ORGANIC FOOD / GMO - White potatoes are amongst the most highly pesticide sprayed vegetable crops, difficult to digest because due to high starch content. Also are from the nightshade family, which are highly acid forming and cause many allergic /arthritic reactions, so this is often a good food group to eliminate, esp for blood type O's. 
Sweet potatoes are a better variant & contain higher Vit A. 
Other highly sprayed vegetables include:- Peaches, Apples, Pears, Grapes, Nectarines, Spinach, Lettuce, Peppers, Celery, Kale, Zucchini & Tomatoes'Round Up', is a glyphosphate herbicide, a chemical concoction with very high toxicity rates, harmful to plants, humans, pets & wildlife. Pesticides & herbicides sprayed on foods & in gardens, cause a whole array of chemical stresses on the body, including cellular death, infertility & cancer.  GMO foods have been re-engineered to contain these pesticides.  Foods that are high in GMO's are wheat, corn, soy, rice, sugar, meat, salmon, vegetable oils, cotton. Etc.

MICROWAVED/FRIED/COOKED FOODS - Fried foods causes more  oxidative stress in the body than steaming, baking, boiling food. Cooking certain foods destroys their natural enzymes, significantly lowering nutrient values.
Deep frying destroys nutrition also, creating trans-fats, which are very harmful especially to the central processor of the body, the liver. Microwaves destroy food compositions entirely, turning some amino acids and molecular structures of the food into carcinogens. (cancer causing). Heating foods in plastic containers in a microwave is also highly dangerous. The microwave unit itself emits dangerous levels of EMF & radiation which accumulates over time in the home.

CAFFEINE - (Coffee/BlackTea/'Energy' Drinks, Chocolate) Overloading the body with caffeine eventually damages the endocrine system, over stimulating adrenals and nervous system & replicates the stress of flight/fight response.  
Caffeine is a diuretic, which dehydrates & depletes the body of minerals over time. Also depleting beneficial bacteria. 
Coffee in particular is highly addictive & enhances mental programming. 
The body eventually relies on caffeine for an artificial source of energy. 
Cheap teas contain fluoride. 
Replace with green tea, decaffeinated coffee and or Mate herbal drink.
Aim to limit/reduce consumption, particularly if you are hyperactive or stressed. 
Drink more water if you drink caffeine drinks.
Milk & white chocolate contains milk, soy emulsifiers & sugar - Black, high cocoa content chocolate that is emulsifier & sugar free, is a much better option.

ALCOHOL - All alcohol is poisonous to the body, that is why it produces the side-effect it does. It is harmful to several organs, mostly the liver & brain cells. Alcohol depletes good bacteria in the gut & is a mental depressant. It depletes the body of essential elements, particularly B vitamins, magnesium & calcium. Beer is highly estrogenic & can cause candida imbalance, gut fermentation & bloating. This also creates hormonal disruption over time. Alcohol is also highly addictive, there are no safe levels or specific drinks that provide any benefits for the body. The only 'positive' is a temporary relief of tension, but this is at the cost of physical & mental health.

SWEETNERS & SOFT DRINKS - Artificial sweeteners contain aspartame, which is highly neurological & cellular toxin. Soft drinks also contain a variety of artificial colours, sugars & chemicals. All carbonated drinks deplete the body of essential nutrients, especially calcium & magnesium.

TEFLON PANS - Teflon/non stick pan coatings comprise of many carcinogenic chemicals which can release several toxic gases at very high temperatures.  The teflon coating maybe scratched & deposit the coating into food. These pans are usually made of aluminium, which is a metal which builds up in the body and has been linked to alzheimers. Healthier preferences are cast iron, ceramic, glass & stainless steel.

Removing grains and dairy can be particularly daunting, in the interim
switch to healthier versions - Grass fed organic, Raw, Biodynamic forms, 
organic Goat's yoghurt/milk/cheese, Kefir, Quark.  
Buckwheat, 'Ancient grains', Rice cakes, Rice bread & 
Sprouted Essene breads are healthier than conventional white/brown bread.

Eating whole foods means eating less, as they are healthier & provide 
higher nutritional values that the body requires.

Detoxing Methods, Nutritional advice, Supplementation Suggestions & 
Healing remedies in Part II

















The information on this website is general information only does not replace professional medical advice, opinions or therapies advised to you by your medical practitioner.

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