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The life-cycle process of birth, growth, maturity, old age 
death is something that occurs on all levels of Creation.
Entropy occurs in humans, nature, atoms, universes..
Everything is born (created) & everything eventually ‘dies,’ (changes form).

As Western society teaches us to shun & suppress any acceptance of death, 
it is generally considered a negative event. 
Therefore most are unprepared for their own transition or that of their loved ones, when it eventuates. 
They do not even consider or prepare for this process until confronted with it.  
Being unprepared can make the experience far more difficult & painful, 
as grief & feelings of sudden loss overwhelm.  
Most are actually grieving for themselves and their loss 
due to experience of childhood abandonment.  
Many find offering support difficult, because death is unspoken & taboo, they don't know how to act,
 or what to say to comfort and support the other person.

If the nature of ‘death’ were truly understood, 
it would be treated as a celebration for the evolution & transition of the soul;
The completion of a physical incarnation 
& a return to the spirit world from where it originated.

There are those who believe that we cannot 
possibly know if they live on, without ‘scientific proof,’ atheists and skeptics are certain 
they only live one life & death is a final extinction, 
the end of their existence. 
Others simply find the subject to daunting to contemplate. 

Whilst many know that there is more to a human being than just mind & body, 
that ‘death' is simply the transformation of their soul essence 
into another form & location and the loss of the physical shell which is not the totality of the person.
They know that when they exit this reality they transit 
into the spirit- world,  a return to their true state of being. 

There is much evidence to support life after death. 
The indigenous peoples of the planet have shared their vast 
knowledge of the after-life. They view this event 
as a joyous, reverent experience, not a mournful or sorrowful one.
The work of Philosophers & Ancient texts 
have provided much information on this subject & reincarnation.
The use of soul-regression therapies, has meant an ability 
to view other life-times & events that many resonate deeply with. 
Even children are experiencing recollections of past lives, some of which have 
actually been proven by correlation to historical records.

Unexplained phobias, diseases, traits & familiar connections to others, are often a result of other lives.  
Many people have had encounters, dreams & messages 
from  loved ones who have crossed over, 
indicating that they are still present somewhere in reality & can still interact, 
offering further proof of the continuation of the soul.

When death occurs, the soul first leaves the body through the crown & into the astral layer. 
This can be compared to the out of body state that some experience while alive, 
when one becomes conscious of astral body travel during sleep. 
This is a place where the perception of a linear space & time continuity are dissolved.
 On the astral layer you can travel to specific points instantly at will. 
Manifestation is much faster & everything is instantaneously created by thought.
This explains why some experience hellish or heavenly realms
after death due to their own personal expectations.

 Some souls get caught up in this astral layer, 
enamoured by their ability to instantly manifest, some fear moving onwards 
due to connections with people, the material world or reluctance to leave the 
sensate pleasures & desires of their physical lives behind.

As the soul continues its journey, there is said to be a 
time of healing, of re-integration into the non-physical 
realms & an ongoing dissolution of the astral body.

As most follow the path of ‘white light’ & assisted 
guidance, they become subject to deceptions 
on the other side.
Unfortunately the control systems of Earth extend beyond the physical. 
This is where there will be heavy persuasion to reincarnate onto the Earth plane, to readdress 'karma' etc.
 Due to amnesic conditions of our lives and abilities, 
we might be convinced to make unconscious choices 
which are not conducive to previous levels of soul/consciousness attainment.

It has been suggested that souls are subject to a 'life-review,' 
assisted by astral beings and 
'Karmic Lords'where an evaluation of all your actions, achievements & accomplishments takes place.  
This apparently evaluates what you have achieved during life.
If you have had mal-intent, intentionally hurt & caused suffering to others, misused your power in life, 
potentially you will be made to feel exactly how others felt when you caused them suffering. 
Opportunities to redress these actions in future incarnations will be presented. 
Everyone is supposedly held accountable for 
their actions & intentions.
But in reality, there are no mistakes because everything is 
allowed, everything has already occurred and 
all 'right' and 'wrong' action is simply adding to 
the expansion and elevation of consciousness; 
So there are no 'karmic debts' to repay at all. 

You can only transcend this perpetual wheel of incarnation and become truly immortal, once you comprehend the 
scenarios, options & potential traps, in the first place.
Also by development of wisdom & self-realisation.
‘Success’ in life is not measured by material wealth 
or conforming to societies conventions, or being a 'good' person. It is measured by levels of consciousness – spiritual evolution, individualisation, self-healing , self-awareness,
experiential truth and intent. 

Figuring out how to break free of the 
traps that are so heavily imposed here due to our own 
perceptions of separation and enslavement, 
are critical to returning to Source energy. 

Also important is remembering who you are & the soul-journey you have been on in all of your multi-dimensional aspects.
Also acknowledging that this plane & physical reality itself 
is an illusion everything created is a reflection of our individual and collective malaise/contentment.

It is said that once the soul has overcome all personal desires & attachments to the material, 
transmuting anger, fear, despair into compassion,unconditional love & purpose, 
then it can be released from that level of reincarnation.
Only when you make the grade, can you progress to the next level, but we have 'descended' from Source, we already know these levels and should effectively be given a choice as 
to where we wish to focus our life stream next.

There are 12 dimensional levels to this physical reality, 
The 13th being a void or state of complete unity consciousness.

 Planet Earth is a dense, lower dimensional planet (3-4D) 
a place of extreme polarised duality. 
(The higher the dimension the less duality.)
These lower dimensions offer confrontational learning experiences.  
Often the more advanced the being & the more impact a soul will have on society, 
the tougher the lessons chosen/created.
 Everyone is at various different rates of evolution on a soul level. 
There are beginner souls & more advanced beings who are more well 'travelled'.

Not everyone has originated at the same ‘time,’ or even 
from the same Source. Most humans have 
‘descended’ all 12 dimensions into physical reality 
many have already completed the 're-ascension’ process, 
attaining the growth required to experience
 every higher dimensional level of reality .
Eventually returning to Source/non physicality.

Having to evolve back up the scale is therefore a misnomer, 
as most have already completed the process many times before; 
Also there are many aspects of themselves 
that exist on these higher realms already.  

Due to the amnesic state of reincarnation, 
and the wiping of the memory on beginning a new incarnation, 
we maybe tricked into being recycled back to the lower planes 
again, when we already have levels of consciousness 
correlating to the higher dimensions.

If you chose to return to this planet this should be 
YOUR choice.  Progression to any place in Creation 
that corresponds to your level of personal attainment 
should also be your choice. 

As many souls tend to repeat similar patterns to their previous lives, 
they may still have work to do on various levels here in physical reality.
Many want to be here at this time to play an 
integral part & bear witness to the various unique transformations that we are currently undergoing. 
Many feel/know that this is their last incarnation on this planet and will succeed in making it through the 'restrictions'.
This is often perceived as a harsh reality that many find non-conducive 
to the sensitivities of their finer/higher vibrations. 
We have come to help Earth and her people transcend
the controls and move to  the next level of experience.

When another reincarnation is decided upon it is with assistance & guidance. 
There are an infinite number of locations in Creation where a soul can live a primarily focussed life stream.
If we knew that before incarnating we chose our names, parents, bodies, energy levels, limitations, 
emotions, conditions of living, opportunities, gender, 
soul mates we agree to meet along the way, to repay 'karma'
and the possibilities as to how & when their own death will occur. 
Then we might take more responsibility for our lives & 
not be so quick to judge or feel victimised 
by our own circumstances or the reflections of others.

There are a multitude of possibilities within the destiny of the individual.  
multitude of locations - planets, stars systems, universes
 to reincarnate to & experience.
(most off-world civilisations reside inside the planetary body).  
Everyone has lived and are living in various cosmic off-world locations,
along with living their many incarnations on Earth.
All is simply a point of focus/perspective.
As 'time' is a fallacy, these are con-current, simultaneous existences - 'alternate lives' that you are also living now. 
 You still have aspects of yourself which are incarnated 
in various areas off world, in many different dimensions.

Those who have accessed their higher consciousness 
may have awareness and memories of inhabiting various
physical, semi-physical & non physical aspects of Creation. 
Living lives in these diverse places & in varying roles. 
They may even know the characteristics & inherent energy signatures of the worlds where they also reside and be able to tune in with them and embody these higher frequencies on this plane. 

The higher self knows that there is no such thing as an end to life, 
it knows empirically that it is an immortal, celestial spirit, 
that it's energy can never be destroyed, only transformed. 
We are infinite beings & have been through this transitional process countless times; 
It’s only when we lose our fears of death, 
that we can truly start living.

Points to Consider

· You are an eternal, immortal being, you can never 
cease to be.

·     The only person who should evaluate you is you.
The only person who choses to reincarnate here should be you.
without coercion or intimidation.

·     The nature of the word ‘death’ is misleading as it implies finality, 
replace with more accurate words such as ‘transition’, ‘crossing over’, 'passing'.

·     Question why you are here, what have you come to be/learn/do/remember?
Are you are fulfilling your purpose/mission?

·     Consider summation of all you have done, the lessons in every experience.

 ·   You chose potential scenarios of how & when 
you are going to die, no one else. 

·     Make the most of your time here in physicality, 

            especially if you don’t plan to return. 

         ·      You chose this particular life for several reasons, 
                   what are they?

·     You create ‘heaven’ - harmony/love, or ‘hell’ -  resistance/fear on Earth.  
         It is simply a state of mind.

·    Everyone has the same potential to become self-aware & ‘ascend’ 
(grow in consciousness) at any time they chose.

·    Mourning is a natural part of loss, but those who have crossed over do not 
     wish you to go through prolonged mourning & suffering on their account.

·  Departed loved ones  still exist, you can still 
       retain your connection to them mentally.  
·    · We do not become instantly enlightened/angelic beings in the after-life. 
   Awareness raises - integral soul essence, 
& levels of consciousness remain.

·     Following the white light is a deception; 
when in astral body you can go anywhere at will, 
command yourself to return to your Origin/Source.

·     Regard ‘Death’ as a pleasant, liberating experience, 
which frees you from any physical pain.

·     Death brings up the issues of abandonment/grief  
which first occurred in childhood/life, 
        This makes death of others not about the departed, 
but about you. Deal with abandonment issues, before having to deal with the situation.

·     Don’t be too hard & judgmental on yourself for traumatic situations you have created in life. 
How you have dealt with hardships & trauma is a measure of soul maturity.

·   We have one soul, many bodies, in many locations, on many dimensions.(Simultaneous existences)

·     There is no point to suicide as you have to begin an incarnation again, often under similar or more severe circumstances.

·   Consider the transition process, so it is not a fearful, daunting experience.

·   Why fear returning to spirit, the place from which you came, you have made this transition thousands of times.

·     There is no magic heavenly place that absolves you of all responsibility, 
you are still accountable for all you think, do, say & intend.

·     Dissolving attachments to the material, places & people eases the transition as & when it approaches.

·     Those who know an after life exists would never do anything synthetic/technological to extend their life span.

·     “The love you with-hold is the pain you carry” transcend the 
boundaries that keep you from truly loving self & others.

“…. all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves….”
Bill Hicks - (alive & well in spirit)

Book Refs: -
'Life After Death : The Evidence' - Dinesh D'Souza
'Destiny of Souls (A study of Life in-between Lives)'– Michael Newton PHD
'At Peace in the Light' – Dannon Brinkley
'The Measure of the Universe' - John Hopkins

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William Blake – ‘Jacobs ladder’ 

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