Thursday, 2 May 2013


Human beings are electro-magnetic generators & conductors of multi-universal energy. 
We are essentially physical batteries, conduits of Source, 
able to create our own energy from 
emotional, mental, physical and spiritual re-action. 
This energy is very precious to the global overlords of this Earth, 
who deliberately impose systems to control, 
harness and utilise this powerful creative life-force to their advantage.
(Anyone who seeks to control and manipulate another,
does so because they are powerless & fearful themselves.)

 The humans species on this planet have been genetically modified 
into a hybrid race, with reptilian base genetics underlying our mammalian genetics.
Yet mammalian humans, have Divine, Celestial origins 
and will always maintain some connection to that origin, 
whether they are conscious of it or not. 

We have various abilities that pure reptilian races do not. 
Humans also have vast emotional ranges. Including those of
love, empathy and compassion for our fellow species - 
Those in power are devoid of these emotions
and consider them to be weaknesses.

They do however understand the power of emotions 
& use our own collective energy against us on a daily basis.
They continually use human feelings of compassion 
& empathy to gain energy and funds for their on-going nefarious creations. 
Pre-planning ecological and social disasters, 
wars & ‘false flag' events that trigger public outrage & 
sympathy en masse.
This provides them with the opportunity to funnel our collective 
anger, grief, empathy and camaraderie, not to mention money, 
into their matrix of energetic enslavement.

These oppressors work tirelessly to perpetuate a state of 
fear and low vibration within the population.
Mainly by a multitude of unseen terror threats & fictitious enemies, 
these maintain a subservient anxious & apathetic collective.  
Fear energy keeps people locked into their 
lower reptilian brain functions of fight/flight, competition
 narcissism & base survival instincts.

Sports, Entertainment shows & Competitive events also 
suppress levels of public consciousness -
Creating an 'us v’s them' mentality. 
Supplying vast amounts of emotional & physical energy 
for this vampiric system. 
This is nothing new, 'divide and conquer' has been the rule of law 
here for millennia.  
Creating division amongst people on so many levels generates 
disharmony in all areas of society. It is obvious together 
we are a powerful race that has boundless creative ability, therefore 
all attempts are made to destroy natural unity & collective spirit.

Programming is used via various media to create a social platform 
which supports addiction, sexual depravity, low IQ, lack of self-awareness, 
apathy, prejudice, self-abusive behaviour etc. 
Eventually this is so commonplace, it is viewed as a normal way of life.
Everything is done to create a culture that is distracted by external events, 
internal reflection or self-awareness is considered 
egotistical or self-absorbed. 

Another method of their control system, is to limit knowledge of 
the Laws of Creation. 
This includes the Laws of Attraction/Manifestation. 
A major spiritual law that governs all reality. 
The ignorance regarding our ability to create our reality, 
is one of the most powerful weapons used against humanity. 
Many people have good intention to help create a balanced world,
but without comprehension of the fundamentals of 
manifestation, they may continue to feed the 
very system that enslaves us.

When we give our emotional energy to any issue we feel strongly about, 
for or against, we give it energy - which makes it stronger. 
Being negative, angry and frustrated about the methods 
of control on this planet, only serves to empower those things.

When we march up and down streets with placards opposing 
  this & being anti that, and resisting all we can, when all we are doing 
is causing those things to become more cemented into your reality.
Creation does not recognise negative statements, 
(i.e - No, Stop, Can’t, Against, Anti, Ban, End, Fight, Cancel etc.) 
Creation only recognises & responds to positive intention, therefore 
Being oppositional to anything never works.

 Organised protests and rallies especially, 
enhance the very thing that people aim to change.
 When multitudes of people are in agreement, all focussed 
on the same thing at the same time, 
enormous manifesting power is generated.
This is why protesting rarely changes anything.
Protesting creates energy that strengthens the issue invovled.
It also empowers the control systems used to oppress 
those directly involved in demon-strations. 

Getting into groups to ’STOP Coal Seam Gas’, 
'FIGHT Chemtrails' or 'END Cancer', just causes 
those very things to manifest.
The elites know this and allow these protests to help their causes.
  They also gain vast amounts of energy 
from various Global Ritual Ceremonies;- 
(Easter, Christmas etc.)  widely participated Global events,
(Valentine's Day, Holidays, 'Humanitarian causes' etc.)
'World …. Days' (Aids, Social justice, Anti-violence etc.) 
Marches, National Protests, Political Ceremony, Occupy Movements;
Not to mention all the Remembrance commemorations for 
those conned into fighting fictitious 'enemies' on their behalf. 
Those who need constant remembrance, ‘lest we forget’ 
i.e - Fail to keep empowering human sacrifice. 

 Resistance movements also empower the very causes they claim to oppose.
Resistance derives from fear.  
Whatever you fear, you give power over you. 
You also attract what you fear, in order to have the chance to overcome it.

“What you resist persists, what you embrace dissolves” - Law of Allowance

The only way to negate the effects of something,
 is to stop giving it power by emotionally reacting to it. 
No one wants to sit back & witness the 'destruction' of the planet, 
but remaining neutral, balanced & pro-active, is the only way to 
create effective methods of change.

Most political, environmental & social activism comes from personal judgment & reaction,
 not an unbiased & conscious viewpoint of our reality.
When you view the whole process with objectivity you can
take balanced action, if you choose.
Resistance & protesting anything also comes from a place of judgment, not of allowance.
Judgment of anything comes from a place of fear & lower consciousness.
Nothing is 'good' or 'bad' unless someone labels it so.
but it is  not what you do to fight bad, 
it is what you do to promote good that counts.

Who is anyone to say what another person or planet requires for their learning?
They have chosen/attracted it after all - it is their personal challenge 
for THEIR personal growth.  
By attempting to stop the process, it not only condescends the choices 
of those involved, but interferes with their learning experience. 
Often suffering is the fast track to change & evolution.

''I am that which I am and you are that which you are, 
and I rejoice in our differences.'' - The Law of Allowance 

Wanting to control circumstances, also illustrates a lack of faith in a 
higher power to deliver the highest & most beneficial outcome for all.

Everything without is mirrored from within.
If we want to contribute to a more balanced and supportive world, 
then we must be this within ourselves. 
(i.e - It is obviously hypocritical to condemn war, then fight with others.)
           "a positive future cannot emerge from the mind of anger and despair" (Dalai Lama)
Before you ‘protest’, ‘resist’ or ‘fight’ anything ask yourself what 
are you resisting or fighting internally in your life ?     
Protesting coal seam gas maybe because you feel undermined in life some-how.
 Feeling contaminated by chemtrails maybe because you are poisoning yourself in other ways..
The most effective way to change your outer world is to 
do the work first on an internal level. 
Not by focussing on problems with what is.
It is your choice to let something affect you negatively, 
simply by your attitude towards it.

'Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them"
Ephesians 5.11

Reality is manifested by focus of mental energy, 
therefore we should take personal responsibility
for everything we see around us that we as a species 
have allowed & created.
The dark magick spells of the self appointed under-lords 
only work when you beLIEve in them. 
See through their illusions and disguises. 
 The physical world is an effect, not a cause. 
It is the result of our thoughts, words and actions. 
We cannot achieve anything by trying to manipulate or change the effect. 
Instead the cause must be addressed. 

When you focus on what you want instead of what you 
dont want, in the NOW, thats when positive manifestation occurs.
So instead of opposing GMO, or for anything else.
think/say/feel/intend positive affirmations:-

  I live in a world where food is clean, healthy and abundant. 
  I live in a world where the air & environment is pure and clean.
 I live in a world where the population respect the 
natural minerals of the planet
 I live in a world where energy is freely created and free to all. 


Points to Consider 

   Do u know exactly Who/What you are really giving your energy to? 

   Are you contributing to the collective enslavement by feeding 
corporations, governments, religions, control systems, 
false deities & crooked gurus with your opposition, 
focus, money, time & energy?

  •        Are you giving your power away to anything outside of yourself and making yourself weaker in the process. 

  conscious person does not let 'negativity' imbalance them, 
  they view everything impartially & recognise the 
reason behind the cause.

   Are you giving resistant fear-based empowerment to illusion, 
energy that is better expended by focussing on solutions,
  not by opposing what already is.

Question everything & everyone, adhere to nothing or no-one. 

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” 
― Leo Tolstoy

Be conscious in your Activism.