Sunday, 3 March 2013


 Creating your own financial support system is fundamental to gaining & retaining 
sense of self-empowerment.
'Abundance' comes in many forms, there are many ways of being 'rich', 
you can own little materially & still be wealthy inside. 
Financial freedom simply buys you the time to 
do what you want with your own life.
Many people chose to negate their own ability to create on-going 
financial support systems for themselves without even realising it.

This often relates to 'belief systems' that create a ‘less than' or 'poverty consciousness,’ 
these beliefs then block the ability to maintain flow of abundance on many levels.

Those who deem ‘money to be the root of all evil,’ 
or consider anyone who is rich to be corrupt or arrogant, 
are negating their ability to create wealth. 
Those who have wealth, have chosen the experience of living with that responsibility 
& those in poverty have also chosen that responsibility, 
neither should be judged as right or wrong. 
Others may see you as an opportunity if you have created wealth for yourself, 
that is their own lack of self-worth, or ability to believe in their own ability to create 
what they really need without being parasitical.  

 Money is not intrinsically good or bad, it is simply a neutral energy, 
some use it to benefit, others use it to destroy.
Having enough should promote altruism not greed.  

There is enough wealth for everyone on this planet.
 it is your birth-right to live without worrying about 
ever having enough of anything. 

If you tell yourself you just need enough to get by, you will only ever have that amount. 
You will only create what you deem yourself to be worthy of. 
If you have low self-worth, or a tendency to self-sabotage, 
creating & maintaining wealth can become an issue. 

 Our fiat currency system is currently paper-based, 
(although should be gold-standard) 
money is still only worth the value society 
choses to put on it.
Our culture has been programmed into regarding materialism as paramount. 
If we lived in a culture which was more spiritually orientated, 
society may put more emphasis on  
self-healing, community & connecting to nature.
These practises are considered far more valuable by some; and being healthy physically, 
mentally spiritually, seen as a far greater asset than deeming material possessions or occupation 
as a measure of success & wealth.

Creating financial freedom for yourself, 
frees up much energy that is often expended 
on worrying about paying the next bill. 
The more resentful you are of paying for things, 
the more expensive they will become. 
Paper money just happens to be our most common form of exchange for goods & services. 
It does not have to be that way, 
but without an exchange of some form of energy, imbalance & debt occurs.

Gratitude is the key to creating greater abundance. 
Self love is how you bring all the riches to you.
Feeling worthy of it is key. 
Ending self punishment and self sabotage 
through inner child work will also open the door
to more abundance in every way. 

When you appreciate all you already have, 
it is much easier to create more. 
If you are feeling that you will never have enough, 
and focus on what you lack and become resentful,
this also becomes your reality.
When you feel gratitude for what you 
have and let it go and let the universe manifest your 
desires out of a space of knowing you are worthy of it 
that is when things start to flow.

Money is only 'power' because it buys you 'time', 
to do what you want without having to be a 
'wage-slave', visualizing what you would do with your 
free-time helps to create financial freedom.

Points to Consider:-
  • Think how you would invest extra income.
  • Create positive associations with your finances,  on both incoming & outgoing levels.
  • Visualise the opulence you wish to create for yourself in & around your home, 
  • clothing, car, life-style, family.
  • You deserve the best of everything in life.
  • have no shame in accepting this truth.

  • God wants you to experience all you were meant to including material wealth. 
Good quality items last longer & stop contributing to our disposable society.
  •  Addressing self-worth issues, unblocks the path to creating whatever you require in life. 
  • Look at where the issues of lack stem from.
  • Inner child work will help to bring self love and self respect and get the ego out of the way. 

You may not necessarily get what you want, 
but will manifest what you need.

Output of abundance, creates input of abundance, 
to keep the flow moving, you have to give to receive. 

There is no point excessively hoarding.
Abundance is meant to create enjoyment & freedom.

See yourself in your ideal house, car, employment, 
relationships… know that you can afford anything you really deserve.

Don't be afraid to envision more than you need, 
everyone is entitled to live their dream,
(without greed)

Maintain the innate knowing that 
your needs will be met at all times 
whatever your circumstances.

Place your trust in a higher-power 
and don't be concerned with the out-come.


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