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Self-healing work that is done on emotional, physical and spiritual levels is facilitated by 
determining exactly which elements are out of balance. 
This can be done by knowing the governing principles of your energetic centres & employing techniques and practices to bring the centres into greater balance. 

All disease begins energetically in the auric field before it manifests in the physical body. 
So clearing the auric field regularly and balancing the energy centres ensures better health & also protection from external sources that compromise health.

These primarily centres govern specific locations of the body & their functions.
 'Universal energy' or life-force is received through the crown and 
into the root chakra (in males) This is then affected by many different 
things on an energetic level. 
Balancing & clearing can be done through relatively simple actions, such as spending 
time around water to balance & amplify emotional/creative states, (sacral) 
to simply incorporating more of the colour frequency that is lacking.

Some practices involve long-term commitment, but several months should be spent clearing each chakra individually and systematically, working on each characteristic to ensure a fully clear system. 
A period of grounding is usually undertaken first to ensure that the energy 
is not too powerful for the system.

The results gained by self-healing and self-empowerment work depends on the levels of imbalance, understanding and use of real practices & patience as the spiritual process unfolds.  
Commitment, dedication & determination are also required. 
Not everyone will have a full activation of their kundalini potential in this life-time, some will only get so far & the majority are not ready for this 
process at all -  this will be determined by your awareness, enthusiasm & inner-knowing.

In general, self-healing work takes perseverance. It is often very personally confronting and difficult.  
It is not entirely pleasant processing conscious childhood abuse, unlocking repressed memories of traumatic events that the mind has disassociated from. Or tapping into 'past' life-times of hard-ship, persecution, painful death. 
Or feeling the collective grief regarding cataclysm & destruction that are retained in cellular memories within the body & exist within us all. 

Those who reach truly organic and enlightened states of being live their lives
 in very different ways than most. Living from this higher perspective develops clarity in all aspects. Fear, self-sabotage, victimisation & self-doubt 
are all diminished - Joy, acceptance, appreciation & simplicity in life increase. No longer are you ruled by the actions of others, emotional reactions become a choice, feelings of lack & creating negative experiences also decrease. Old fears no longer hold you back, you are in control of your life, rather than it being in control of you.There is a reliance on a higher guidance & sense of atonement with reality, that brings true inner peace and calm.  

Self-healing is an on going process that becomes more efficient and refined over time, 
with practice & increased awareness.  
With the opening of the third eye chakra (pineal gland) there is the ability to visualise the  colour of your energy fields, learning how to perceive & see the changes you make to them. 
Some areas in your energy body maybe 'polarised', (overly energetic) and 
others maybe blocked or under-utilising energy, even within the same chakra. 

The majority operate from the lower 3 centres, which are often over-active;
They have closed heart-centres mainly due to parental abandonment issues from childhood & often over activity/negativity in the upper centres due to
living in such an over stimulated, mental world. 
The closing of the heart chakra results in a society that is devoid of compassion, spiritual connection or intuitive abilities. 
Instead, ego, narcissism and materialism rule, 
Ego means that most conflict will be met with fearful aggressive reactions,
as most things appear to be an underlying threat to personal survival. 

Imbalanced energy centres may appear in overly bright colour frequencies, muddy or darker, as the true colour frequency changes, this is often due to over-stimulation, imbalance (blocks, etheric hooks, holes, implants, entity attachments, dense/stagnant energy. etc) & also incorrect teaching (new age)/use of colour codes. 
Correct colour codes can be maintained by removing excess levels of colour  and visualising the correct shade in its place.  This can also be done 
by releasing the energy which causes the imbalance in the first place :- 
i.e) Releasing enough anger from the system will eventually revert 
bright red root chakra back to pale red.

After balancing and clearing the energies, a daily maintenance practice is  important to keep things functional. This can be done by spinning the auric field within its chakra bands to 
keep the energy field balanced.  

* Never spin chakras individually, as this can generate openings  in them, always spin horizontally around the body from bottom up, within the appropriate colour bands to rebalance.

Protection of the auric field is also advised. 
Using one of the highest colour frequencies -
 Violet, will provide protection of the energy field without
 causing  damage to the body/energy field.
The use of violet in and around the body/aura prevents any unwanted energy loss or interference from entities/electromagnetic sources. 

Detailed below are the principles of the main 7 chakras and a few methods of balancing and clearing, frequent practice of visualisation work is essential to promote 'psychic sight' 

* Affirmations are a way of replacing negative mind patterns with more beneficial ones, repeating three times with conviction, creates changes even at a cellular/DNA level. Make your own, but always use positive statements, 
Creation does not acknowledge negatives, such as not, no, can't etc.

* Activation of kundalini that is done too quickly, can result in mental disorders, depression and general over stimulation of the nervous system. 

* Use of white light for protection or transmutation
 diminishes and fades colours of the auric field.

* Legs/feet resonate to the colour brown, grounding prevents unwanted 
over stimulation/activation 

* Visualising closing down the chakras after working on them. 

* Results can be subtle & only noticeable with consistent work 
over a period of time.  


Located:  At the Perineum to Pubic bone
Colour:    Pale Red      
Element: Earth   
Planet:     Earth & Saturn
Resonates with: Self-Preservation 

The lower body, feet, legs, bones, genitals, kidneys, bladder, anus, urethra, adrenal, glands, large intestines, spine.

Survival instincts, pride, belonging, grounding, abundance, physical energy, procreation, ambition, motivation, assertiveness, strength, vitality, connection to Earth/Nature, primal instinct, career, materialism, success, mastery of the body, security, courage, patience, intent/will, confidence, money, stability, foundations, ancestry, self-protection, prosperity.

Materialistic, domineering, anger, violence, insecurity, lack, purposelessness; feeling unwanted, excessive sex drive (in males), procrastination, paranoia, survival, greed, no goals, low motivation, ungrounded/scattered, eating disorders, hyperactive, suicidal tendencies, lack of energy.

Activities to stimulate/balance  
Anything physical, grounding or close to the earth such, gardening, walking, being in nature. Connecting to community, setting and working towards manifesting goals. Centering exercises such as deep breathing. Releasing the past.

“I am connected to all of life, I am grounded, safe and secure." "
"I have all the energy I need at all times."
"The Earth supports me.”


Located:   From Hip bone to Navel
Colour:  Pale Orange        
Element:  Water
Planet:  Moon
Resonates with: Self-gratification

Ovaries, Prostate, Kidneys, Bladder, Female reproductive system, Pelvic area, Lower back, Female sexual organs, Small Intestines, Skin, Shallow/irregular breathing; womb; Body fluids - Lymphatic fluid, Digestive secretions, Urine, Saliva.

Relationships, Creativity, Fertility, Social life, Emotional Vitality, Sensuality, Sexuality in females, Desire, Optimism, Lower Digestive assimilation, Giving & Receiving, Pleasure, Change, Harmony, Nurture, Enjoyment, Awe, Eroticism, Enthusiasm, Assimilation of new ideas, Tolerance, Procreation, Surrender, Sensitivity, Emotions, Passion, Truth, Movement, Uninhibited behaviour.

Aggression, bitterness, resentment, feeling unproductive/useless, selfish, self-consciousness, sexual difficulties, over indulgence, jealousy, timidity, isolation, overly sensitive/emotional distrustful, guilt, infertility, Excessive sex drive in females, lack of boundaries, lack of social skills, fear of change, physical lethargy.

Activities to Balance 
Being sociable, doing things that bring joy and pleasure. 
Express sensuality and affection, rest, dance, movement, exercise.
Start creative project/hobby.
Being around water, swimming, walking.
Eating pale orange foods and wearing clothes of this colour.

“I deserve and gratefully accept pleasure and abundance in my life.  
"I deserve good things in my life. 
"I am creative"
"I accept happy, supportive, fulfilling relationships in my life."


Located:  From Navel to the Sternum
Colour:  Pale Yellow      
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars & Sun
Resonates with: Self-Definition

Digestive system, Liver, Gall bladder, Spleen, Pancreas, Adrenals, Intestines, Stomach, Nervous system, Skin, Metabolism, Muscles, Stiffness.

Healthy self-esteem, personal power, utilising talent, well balanced intellect, enhanced mental abilities, Lower Emotional centre (repressed or from the past), Lower intuitive (Gut instincts) Fear, Will power, Self confidence, Ego, Respect for all life, outgoing, cheerful, Magnanimity, Relaxed, Spontaneous, Emotional warmth, authority, self control, humour, laughter, fun, happiness, optimism.

Depression, insecurity, overly-logical, unable to digest or assimilate learning, problems with authority, workaholic, lacking confidence, low-self-esteem, worrying what other people think, highly opinionated, self-righteous, dogmatic, unable to see others point of view, overly perfectionist, fear of being alone, narcissistic, fear of trust, jealousy, phobias, general fears & greed.

Writing goals, steps to achieve them and take action.
Engage in sports and competitive games, write down childhood memories.
Mental activity - puzzles/quizzes/learning.  
Being more assertive. Deciding to take action on a project. 
Define yourself, understand who you are. Trust ‘gut’ instincts.  
Eating pale yellow foods/drinks & wearing clothes of this colour

“ I am worthy of being loved, respected and listened to."
"  I am confident and accept all aspects of  myself unconditionally."
"  I deserve and accept the best in life."


Located: From sternum to thymus
Colour: Medium Green / Pale Pink 
Element: Air
Planet: Venus
Resonates with: Self-acceptance

Heart, thymus, lungs, blood, heart, lungs, breasts, shoulders, arms, hands,  circulatory system, immune system, lymph glands, breathing, blood pressure, upper back.

Unconditional love, Compassion, Empathy, Giving & Receiving Love, Balance, Physical Health, Forgiveness, Understanding, Acceptance, Peace, Openness, Harmony, Contentment, Self Love, Desire to nurture, in touch with emotions, sharing, devotion, commitment, self-trust, healing.

Feeling unloved, Victim mentality, Repression of love, being overly critical, Depression, Possessive, Fear of rejection or being hurt, Falling in & out of love easily and frequently, Demanding, insecurity, passive aggression, moody.

Show love unconditionally to others. Do voluntary/community work. 
Massage, Being with children/animals/nature, taking a holiday. 
Control negative thoughts.  
Take time to give thanks for the abundance in your life 
Positivity - write list of your positive attributes, achievements & goals 
Do things that you enjoy, nurture and be kind to yourself.
Express love to others and accept unconditional love from others.
Eating green foods and wearing clothes of this colour

"I am loved, I accept love from others, I am worthy of love."
"I love and accept myself unconditionally." 
"I share love easily and freely."


Located:  From thymus to just above mouth
Colour:  Pale Blue  
Element: Sound
Planet: Mercury & Neptune
Resonates with: Self-expression

Throat, Thyroid, arms, Digestive tract, Vocal cords,  jaw, neck, mouth, cheeks shoulders, Parathyroids, Esophagus, bronchial tubes, speech, digestion and weight.

Communication, Articulate, Memory, Thinking, Expression, Honesty, Artistic and Musical Talent, Living in the present, Easily comprehending esoteric practices and teachings; Sound; Writing, Singing, Loyalty, Gentleness, Kindness; Open to the opinion of others, Listening to inner voice, Responsibility; Creativity, Integration, Reliability, Being heard, Manifesting.

Arrogance, Not expressing thoughts, Timid, Opinionated, Over-talking, Self-Righteous, Inconsistent, Devious, Manipulative, Tactless, Lying, Ignorance, Lack of Discernment, Depression.

Communication & self-expression in any form, singing, painting, toning, acting, writing.
Read or tell a story, preferably out loud. 
Be honest & speak your truth openly without fear of ridicule.
Express and articulate what you need/want without being angry or aggressive.

" I communicate my truth freely and clearly at all times."
" I am worthy of being listened to,  I speak to be heard.”
" I express my feelings and thoughts with ease." 


Located:  From top of mouth to middle of forehead
Colour:  Royal Blue
Element: Light
Planet: Jupiter
Resonates with: Self-Reflection

Pineal Gland, Eyes, temples, nose, ears, Brain, Nervous system, sinuses, insomnia, migraines, hormonal imbalance. 

Inspiration, Psychic abilities, Visionary/Clairvoyance, Clear visualisation skills, Peace of mind, Perception, Reasoning, Detachment from material goods,  Telepathy, 'Flash-backs' to 'Past/Future' lives, Awareness of life-purpose, Balance between logic/creativity/ left/right brain centering, appreciation of beauty.

Tension, Headaches, Nightmares, Cynicism, Uninspired, Overly detached from the world, lack of imagination, Religiously dogmatic, Stressed, sinusitis. 

Use imagination, creative writing, day-dreaming, meditation.
Keeping a dream diary
Centering, breathing and energy exercises. 
Practice visualisation at the pineal gland 
Test your intuition. (see psychic tests online)
Reading and contemplating spiritual subjects.

“ I can rely on my intuition and inner wisdom ."
" I can now see clearly with my third eye"
" I trust in my inner guidance at all times.”


Located:  Crown of the head 
Colour:  Violet
Element: Air/Thought
Planet: Uranus
Resonates with: Self-Knowledge

Higher Mind, Pituitary gland, Upper brain, Central Nervous system, Endocrine system, Skull

Conscious Unity of all things, One-ness, Service to others, Being, Connection & to a higher power, Trust, Faith, Devotion, Inner Wisdom, Peace, Life-force, Spontaneous self-healing, connection to Spirit, Genius, Higher intuition, Mystical Experience, Inner knowing & guidance, Cosmic Consciousness, Awareness of workings of Creation, Spiritual Purpose, Unification with higher self, Oversoul & Hyperspace, Perception beyond space & time, Gateway to other dimensions, Synchronicity, Enlightenment. 

Psychological disorders, Frustration, Living more on the spiritual than earthly realm (ungrounded), Frequent migraines, Confusion, Impractical, Lack of focus, Neglecting mundane tasks, Depression, Spaced-Out, Scattered energy, Isolation, Lack of faith, Senility.

Anything that brings peace, calm and equanimity.
Meditation & self-reflection, silence, cosmic unity, star-gazing.
Contemplating/reading/speaking/praying on spiritual matters.
Practice open-mindedness, acceptance of self and others, 
Know thy-self  as an aspect of Source 
Eating foods and wearing clothes of this colour

“ I am one with Source now" 
" I am connected to infinite knowledge.”
" I am infinite consciousness"