Thursday, 13 December 2012


Spiritual Sovereignty is about self-responsibility,
Taking ownership of every aspect of your existence on all levels.
Being accountable for every experience you create, 
comprehending & learning from all you co-create. Creating firm boundaries, policies and proceedures in order to do your work unhindered from those who seek to distract. 

Spiritual practice involves on-going inner-work,
to bring about integration of the 'authentic-self,' 
who you really are as an multi-dimensional, 
eternal, conscious aspect of pure love. 

When you understand 
who you are on all levels, where you originate, 
what you are capable of, you align with your true power, 
& can begin to comprehend the
true magnitude of your being. 

Spiritual Sovereignty is about enhancing
connection & communication with Divine energy,
& also developing clear communication 
with aspects of ourselves that exist on higher levels - 
(Higher self & Oversoul) & utilising that information.

When you align with the Universal Creative force, ('God') 
you being to increase abilities to manifest 
consciously direct your reality in any way you choose. 
This developing relationship with 'God,'
 is about working in co-creation - in equal partnership
It does not include giving your power away 
in subservient idolatry. 
Or in fear of judgement by some wrathful god. 
 Man-made religion has little to do with real Spirituality. 
Religions are divisive & have been purposely designed 
to create master/slave relationships & direct worship 
(energy) to deities who seek to control and subjugate.
Spiritual connection can be achieved without joining any 
main-stream organisations, churches or groups,
 which are generally mis-guiding & run for profit.

We as humans, are receivers & transmitters 
for this Universal Creative energy (God). 
Purification of the body & mind leads to greater flow 
of energy & storage capacity, which brings us closer 
to our authentic-selves as inter-dimensional,
multi-faceted consciousness in embodiment.
'Kundalini' is a term used for this life-force energy within the body. 
It's main channel flows from the base of the spine, to the top of the head. 
 This energy works its way up the body,
accumulating in certain primary centres called 'chakras.'

Spiritual practice involves clearing these 
chakras, through thought, intent & action.
The clearing of each centre, causes the energy to flow 
upwards to the higher centres, eventually reaching the crown, 
& various stages of ‘Enlightenment’ are then achieved. 
This is a process that occurs naturally over a life-time, 
but conscious work maybe done to
 enhance the effects. 
It is a systematic, devotional work, 
a life-time commitment to raising awareness 
and self-healing in a holistic way. 
The reason why we are here. 

Various types of internal entities slow down the intake 
& distribution of energy within the system, 
the causes of such blocks can be:-
Trauma, shock, fear, negativity, not speaking your truth, drugs (legal & illegal) 
resentment, self-abuse, addiction etc. 

 By working on releasing these blocks/programs/entities,
 the auric field and the physical body are cleared.
When work is done on accepting & forgiving 
negative emotions from the past, dealing with fears of the future, 
a clearing process begins, which creates the space to replace 
lower frequencies with higher ones.
Empowering your inter-action with the moment.

This raising of kundalini is a 'Holy work,' 
a gradual development of the light-body
 & should not be forced or rushed, 
or one higher chakra worked upon individually, or not in correct order. 
( maybe done after the  whole system is cleared enough.)
Serious side-effects can occur if this sacred alchemy 
does not unfold in the correct manner. 
Grounding is essential preparation for this process 
& should be maintained throughout. 
Protection is a given, as dark entities may 
attempt to intervene and stop this process. 

The gateway to accessing the higher chakras,
 is through the central portal of the heart. 
This is the initiation of the 'Christ', 
the awakening of the inner sun.
The 2nd coming is the awakening of 
humanity, it does not refer to one entity. 
The key to opening this portal, is practice of 
non-interfering service to others & pure unconditional-love & compassion for self/collective.
The heart centre is where upper & lower energies meet & conjoin, 
where lower-self is transcended by higher aspects of self.
When this heart centre is cleared & opened, 
it allows the flow of energy to the higher chakras, 
dramatically increasing the auric heart-field,
and allowing the energy to move upwards.

These changes eventually create several shifts:-
- From fear to love
- From believing to knowing 
- From lack to abundance 
- From slavery to Sovereignty

Developing a deep unconditional 
acceptance of self unity with the 'God-force', 
remains a continual point of focus. 
Spiritual practice involves continual 
self-actualisation, self-healing, self-acceptance, forgiveness, deprogramming, 
release, meditation, pure-intent,
detox, balance, visualisation, transmutation.

With higher awareness you become an
observer of the world,  
without being negatively affected by it.
you can partake in the movie if & when you chose, but nothing disturbs your balance.
You no longer judge all you see as 'good' & 'bad', 'right' & 'wrong';
You understand that all comes from the same Source. 
All just is.

That everything is actually working together
in accordance with Source energy.
There is nothing to 'do', as one's spiritual evolution & being who they really are 
is of greater value to society than any 
form of 'doing'.
In the maintenance of alignment 
with your authenticity, higher frequencies emanate into creation. 

The pineal gland is the seat of 
inter-dimensional awareness & psychic vision.
Clearing of the crown allows for cosmic & unity consciousness, 
awareness of other sentient life-forms in creation becomes obvious 
& true one-ness & unity with all is felt.

Other attributes that can be gained in the process are:-

Increasing intelligence, left/right brain integration, 
increased empathy & compassion,
'psychic abilities'- clair-audience, 
clair-sentience, clair-voyance.
Prescient insights (Premonition)
Synchroncity (Transcending time)
All-knowing, (Super Consciousness) 
Self-healing & healing abilities etc. 

This is the what it means to be human, 
to be Spiritually Sovereign.
Without dependancy on any outside source of power than self. 
Giving your-self permission to shine.

The possibilities to create anything in this world are endless, 
the potentialities are all available to everyone. 
To all those who have the intention & dedication 
to align with the highest aspect of themselves
& open up their innate powers. 
Patience and respect are key,
as is reverence to the Source of this power. 
Always manifesting & creating wisely,
 for the good of the whole.