Friday, 16 November 2012


Legal & Illegal drug use has been secretly advocated throughout the ages 
as a means of creating & perpetuating subservience on both 
personal & collective levels. 
In the past, medicine involved dangerous use of hallucinogens, 
opiates & many poisonous compounds such as bromide & mercury.  
  Today we see an epidemic of prescription drug dependency.
Along with increasingly prolific illicit drug use around the world. 
These days it’s difficult to find someone who is not addicted to something.
The wide variety of chemical substances & behaviours are actually encouraged 
by the controllers of this world, all part of a carefully designed plan 
to subjugate & mentally & physically manipulate the masses. 

Addiction is a very effective way to mind-control society, 
to create a culture that is unbalanced, apathetic, dependent
& detached from reality, malleable to any whim desired. 
This has been done repeatedly & consistently genre after genre.
By targeting communities, (especially the indigenous)
 social groups & locations with specific mind-altering substances,
 advocating social stereotypes to create acceptance & tolerance. 
All supported & promoted by media, fashion, film, music industries, 
advertising, programming & social conditioning etc.
Populations readily accept, partake willingly in this self-abuse,  
as if this behaviour is actually something to be proud of,
because it is just a part of their culture & upbringing.
Introduction of various forms of drugs throughout the ages has made it 
increasingly difficult for people to resist & avoid use of these substances.
By the 1900's, smoking was marketed as healthy & sophisticated. 
 Promoted as a healthy pastime, as a status symbol for those with class. 
Rich & glamorous film-stars of the generation, were emulated by the public, 
& sales rose. It wasn't until the 1930's, that people started to correlate 
smoking with health complications & early death. 
Advertisers simply marketed brands that 'physicians smoked' 
& instantly renewed faith in these harmful products. 
This gave rise to use of various other narcotics & soporifics -
No warnings of the possibilities of addiction were ever given.

 By the 60’s, there was a huge rise in awareness & acceptance 
of a drug-fuelled society. Marijuana use was common-place, so was use of
'mind-bending' substances such as lysergics, psychedelics & delirants.
 Drugs were distributed freely in colleges & at gigs & 
 it was suddenly acceptable for everyone to be 'out of it'. 
This 'hippy-culture,' consented to promiscuity & heavy drug use,
without a second thought about long-term effects of such behaviour.
This supposed 'counter-culture' was again propped up by the 
literary, music & art scenes & other media proponents,
 (Leary, Ginsberg, Huxley, Kesey et al)
as well as various Government plants.
Many of those involved felt liberated & rebellious,
as if their anti-establishment statements would change the
 conditions of the system, when infact they were still being programmed by it. 
This 'free-love' movement was actually a strategically planned,
 Government created & funded mind-control experiment. 
The LSD being consumed was manufactured & planted 
by Govt. agencies who were carefully monitoring & evaluating
the effects of this 'behavioural engineering' project. (Under MK-ULTRA)
By the time LSD was 'banned' in 1968, many had lost their minds to it
and were left catatonic & neurologically impaired for life.  
Not quite so radical after all... 

Alcohol has been a drug widely used as tool of population control for millennia. 
During the 70’s, abuse of alcohol was the very prevalent.
Certain drinks were even linked to the whole identity of a Nation. 
Increasing the tolerance of self-abusive & excessive cultures. 
Alcohol is an increasing issue worldwide - 
wine is cheaper than water in some countries,
accessible by younger & younger generations.
(All drugs interfere with hormonal balance & can cause infertility long term.)

Comedy was particularly synonymous with drinking in the 70's.  
The more inebriated certain comedians were, the more laughs they received. 
Many of these comics died young, in tragic ways as a result.
Masking their depression with depressants only 
compounded the problem, but on the surface, most people 
thought they were having a wonderful time & promptly followed suit. 
No one mentioned that alcohol was addictive, poisonous
& could lead to early death & many learnt that the hard way.

By the 80's there was an onset of crack-cocaine & heroin usage,
Where high-rollers sealed far more deals with the aid of their
 new Columbian companion. 
Everyone was having such a great time, they didn't stop 
to consider the implications of their increasingly prolific coke habits.
By which time it was too late and they were hooked. 
Heroin, supposedly a much maligned drug during this decade,
 was actually very popular with the social 'glitterati' of the time, 
& those who were tempted to go one step closer to the edge.
During this period the fashion industry was used 
to glamourise drug use; coining the term 'heroin chic,' 
where emaciated, nutritionally-deprived waifs
dragged themselves down cat-walks  
 and were regarded as the epitome of cool. 

In the 90's, we saw the advent of the 'all-night rave', 
accompanied by the latest designer club-drug, Ecstasy (MDMA).
Amphetamine use also meant people had the energy to
stay up all night partying. Drug combining was common, 
 leading to dangerous chemical cocktails of depressants & stimulants. 
Competitive drug use was also prevalent, 
records were often set for the amount of pills 
one could consume per extended drug-fuelled rampage.

Drugs and any sensation based activity, open people
to external influences, potential possession
  by astral entities, demonic spirits & disincarnates, 
which is far more common than people realise. 
Most concerts, music festivals and large gatherings are now designed 
to siphon off energy generated by large crowds towards nefarious purposes. 

(Federal funding for the 'War on Drugs' reached $17.1 billion in the 90's
when more drugs were taken that all the previous generations combined)

These days, we seen a continued supply of new black market synthetic drugs: 
Each seemingly more lethal than the last; 
Some even promoted as 'safe' alternatives to illegal drugs. 
Krank, Krokodil, Ice, K2/Spice, Bath Salts, Roflcoptr, 2C-E etc. 
These are a few of these synthetic drugs purposely designed to 
destroy bodies, minds & lives from the inside out.
The search for that unbeatable, prolonged high, 
has created some severely destructive & toxic chemical concoctions
The symptoms & reactions to these drugs include psychosis, catalepsy,
acute paranoia, brain damage, bizarre risk-taking & repetitive behaviours
and of course, a fast track to addiction. 
The intense highs of synthetic drugs are met with such profound lows, 
the will to use again often overrides any idea of abstinence.
The come down & withdrawal often far worse than more common street drugs. 

These days promotion of Entheogen's is growing,
with use od psycho-actives such as Cannabis, Salvia, Peyote, Ayahuasca
& Psilocybins (mushrooms) becoming more widespread.
 These substances also carry risks to mental-health 
& many are led to believe that just because certain plants 
contain 'natural' mind-altering substances, such as DMT, 
there are no risks & they are an easy route to the expansion of consciousness. 
There are many poisonous active plant compounds that 
can harm & even kill if not treated with respect. 
Many have experienced less than enlightening effects
 from their 'psychedelic journeys', in the brazilian jungles, 
experiencing bad trips & psychotic episodes that will haunt them forever.
Indigenous cultures have utilised some of these plants
 for centuries in their shamanic healing rituals -
for divination, healing, protection, evocation & enlightenment.
These ceremonies are performed with knowledge & reverence, 
according to ancient customs. 
Occasionally initiates have insights into higher dimensional awareness,
but generally these experiences are fleeting. 
These states can also be attained by correct use of 
drug-free visualisations & meditative practices.  
There are no guaranteed short-cuts to spiritual enlightenment when 
taking drugs, neither do they provide a permanent transcendence of reality.


The fallacy of a 'War on Drugs' is yet more fictitious Government propaganda. 
This supposed effort to stop drug supply & use, 
is actually a cover for control of trafficking & supply operations, 
 funded by Govt intelligence agency black budgets. 
These agencies operate the covert supply of contraband into 
Western countries, mainly from invaded, war-torn countries. 
(Opium production increased since US went into Afghanistan)
Export & import is usually done in collusion with the military & arms dealers.
This global illegal drug trade is worth approx. $400 billion US,
 much of which provides further funding for the IMC. 
(Industrial Military Complex)  'War machine'.

Celebrities are also used as programming icons, to create 
& trigger certain functions within society, 
conditioning the public to accept certain stereotypes & behaviours. 
This is seen especially with the 'stars' in the music industry,  
who have been used to promote outrageous behaviour. 
The prevalence of drink, drugs, sexual proclivity,
wild & crazy behaviours are overtly glamourised 
after all it's only 'rock n roll'
These debaucherous, decadent lifestyles are deliberately 
enhanced & amplified,  & readily accepted & emulated by their fans, 
those who want to live vicariously through their idols, with no questions asked. 

Society has been painstakingly guided into the
narcissistic, service to self, 'ME' generation that we see today. 
If it feels good, just do it - whatever the consequences.
Celebrities are promoting 'YOLO' meme - 'You only live once' 
 Suggesting kids adopt a nihilistic 'live fast, die young' mentality. 
 Apparently this life is the only chance you will get to make an impression,
so you might as well destroy yourself in the process.  
This is a great way to make young people take risks 
& excuse all irresponsible behaviours.
This propaganda has long been part of this particular cultural agenda-
 propagated by pop stars & various occult figures;
To negate self-responsibility, moral value & respect for others. 
Disconnecting people from any sense of true spiritual connection or
personal accountability, just doing what they want at all times, 
regardless, without mention or thought of any consequences. 

Addictive supply is all by design, the Global control system of this planet 
depends on you being dependant, on either them, 
enslaved by something outside yourself, or preferably both. 
 Anything you do repeatedly & cannot stop willingly, 
that has an adverse effect, is a 'negative' addiction.  
They come in many forms -
If someone doesn't rely on chemicals to avoid reality or looking within, 
 they may get their external emotional stimulus/distractions from:-
Junk Food, Energy drinks, Gaming, Porn, Sex, Self-harm, TV, OCD, Shopping, 
Social-Media, Technology, Celebrity Culture, Work, Stealing, Gambling, Texting,
Over-rationality, Self-image obsession, Victimisation, Illness, Relationships, 
Emotional drama, Stress… The list goes on.

Every addiction removes power, weakening resolve & mental stamina.
These habits & behaviours cause sensate responses, 
 & chemical releases in the brain, which create 'reward' associations.
The more an action is repeated or a substance taken, 
the greater the signal sent by the brain requesting its reward. 
All of these traps are purposely created to keep people in 
states of apathy & lower consciousness, preventing a connection 
to the higher aspects of themselves, to true reality or awareness 
of what is really occurring behind the scenes on thnllyis planet. 

So when you look at your own actions/behaviours, 
 do you have a choice about everything you do ? 
Or are certain substances or routines ruling your life?
Now maybe time to think about taking back control.
 Living life as you want, without some pill or TV show calling the shots. 
The more difficult something is to give up, the more power IT has over you.
Sadly being totally clean & addiction-free is rare in this society, 
when everyone is doing something to avoid looking within, 
or because reality is generally too difficult & confronting to deal with. 

Addiction is usually initiated by a need to mask past trauma,

a way of coping with feelings of being out of control. 
Often when stress & angst become unbearable,
the mind shuts down emotional response to disassociate from the pain.
This results in numbness & inability to feel anything on an emotional level.
(Also the effect of many anti-depressants)
So then the only way to feel something (preferably positive) 
is to take mind-altering substances, or other self-abusive behaviours.
These actions usually exacerbates depressive & anxious states, 
creating a vicious cycle of dependancy. 

Self-abusive behaviours are linked to low self-esteem.
Causes often lie in feeling unworthy, unloved, separated & victimised.  
Instead of avoiding self & these issues, confronting
the cause of the problem, means you can deal directly with dependancy.   
When past emotional trauma is dealt with, 
 life is far easier to live without use of destructive chemical props. 
Releasing fears & negative experiences creates
 greater self-esteem, which eventually reduces self-punishing, 
harmful & addictive behaviours. 

When you start to truly love yourself & feel worthy of a balanced life,
there is no requirement to seek emotional highs from external sources.
You have everything you need within yourself. 
As soon as you make the choice to look after yourself 
and stop being a victim of addiction, you create the basis 
of control over life & act within true self-responsibility.
 The power gained by self-control and self-acceptance 
makes you feel far better than any artificial high -
Prove to yourself you can do it.