Sunday, 21 October 2012


Conventional medicine & its 'treat-ments' are now the
LEADING cause of death in the Western world today. 
Yet 'iatro-genocide' or ‘Death by Doctor’, Pharmaceutical
 intervention & its regulatory bodies, (FDA, NHS, WHO etc)
is a subject that remains un-reported, denied, 
certainly unheard of, in the over-flowing wards & sick-filled 
waiting rooms all around the world today.
As chronic disease rates rise exponentially;
cures are continually being searched for, remaining ever elusive. 
As science & 'health-care' supposedly advances, certain rates of survival decrease. 
Something seems seriously wrong with this picture

Anti-anxiety, Anti-depressants, Tranquillisers, Stimulants & 
other such medications are dished out so frequently these days,
 that in many countries overdose/death by prescription medicine 
is far more common than overdose/death from illegal drugs. 
80% of Ambulance callouts are prescription drug related. 
           68% of A&E visits are related to allopathic medications. (in Australia)
(usually overdoses or serious adverse reactions/side-effects)

The medical industry is proficient at critical care for accident, 
 trauma surgery, injury rehabilitation, resuscitation, etc. 
Some of these medical interventions are life-saving, 
but in general the medical establishment is not in the 
business of curing people, it is in the business of 
‘Disease Management', quick fixes, masking, 
suppressing & artifically alleviating symptoms. 
Today it offers harmful chemical concoctions as cures 
invasive surgeries for minor complaints,
which patients are often told are their only option.

When people visit the Doctor's office they are at mercy of 
his mood & morality, their lives literally in the doctor's hands, 
his personal paycheck in theirs.
There is an element of saviour/martyr dynamic to the 
 doctor/patient relationship - Trust is absolute. 
 Their advice is never usually questioned, or second opinions sought. 
Everything is accepted & paid for without a second thought; 
Few even realising that there are possibly several alternatives to 
conventional medications or invasive surgery. 
Apparently doctors deserve such respect because 
they have studied disease for years & are 'professionals'; 
Yet in all those years of study, there is little mention of the implications 
that nutrition (hydration, food, supplementation) 
& lifestyle (exercise, stress, sleep etc.) play in health & well-being.
Doctors are simply taught to match presenting symptoms to medications. 

The medical industry has brain-washed people to believe that
 physical, mental, emotional or spiritual imbalance is simply cured 
by synthetic substances that will restore them to perfect health; 
Without explaining the further damage caused in the process.
Therefore people willingly avow their responsibility for 
their health & well-being to external sources, 
without even addressing the true causes of the illness,
 their role in creating the dis-ease in the first place,
 (all dis-ease is first created in the mind)
or their responsibility & ability to heal themselves.

Most don’t realize when they dismiss ‘alternative' medicine,
 that conventional drugs are actually based on natural herbal remedies.   
Remedies that have been known for thousands of years.
That many of these diseases they spend billions on 'researching' 
are actually very simple to prevent & cheap to cure. 
Some causes & cures for major diseases have been known for decades, 
yet those who advocate them are vilified, their knowledge suppressed 
and many imprisoned for actually healing people. 

"The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease." -Voltaire

In this consumer-based societythese natural treatments 
have been monetized by the Pharmaceutical industry.
 This 'Corporatization of Health' has bastardized nature’s medicine-chest 
for a quick buck, because the natural, God-given elements 
which really provide cure, do not cost a fortune.  
There are natural remedies for every ailment that exists. 
Many of which are free, abundant & readily obtained 
or grown for very little expense.

Yet people still rely on conventional medicine for their every need, 
as if they had positive statistics, saw excellent performance 
rates & actual evidence of cure to support their choices, but they don't.
Infact the 'cure rates' are not published because they are non-existent - 
Modern medicine does not actually claim to cure anything!  
They will simply ameliorate the pain, so you don't have to deal
 with the problem until a later date.
Meanwhile, they are very busy searching for cures, 
which obviously requires fund raising by all & sundry.
(Chemotherapy 'cure' rates approx 3% (placebo effect) 
Chemotherapy & AZT kills people, it does not cure Cancer or HIV.
(Any positive performance reports are bias/lies.)

Some real statistics are:-
- " Over 700,000 Americans die each year at the hands of 

government-sanctioned medicine, while the FDA & other government agencies 
pretend to protect the public by harassing those who offer safe alternatives."
- " 1 in 10 or 98,000 Americans die per year of hospital infections. "
- " In England it is estimated that approx 255,000 NHS patients each year,
   suffer serious disability or death as a result of healthcare interventions"

The whole operation of allopathic medicine is backwards, 
to cure a problem you have to deal with it's cause. 
When there is an imbalance in the body, symptoms arise to
 indicate the problem, which should be addressed, but 
when medicines are taken to stop those warning signals of the body, 
this hides the cause and therefore cannot possibly cure it.  
The body's natural self-healing abilities are suppressed, and 
the problem compounded - creating further imbalances 
due to toxicity & disease referral in the body.

These 'drug-dealers', or rather doctors & psychiatrists,
 diagnose & prescribe, in a 10 minute window, on high commission, 
 holiday incentives, gifts, financial bonuses & other social rewards
for each major drug they administer.
Mis-diagnosis & over-diagnosis are common-place.
Psychiatrists actually invent new disorders in conjunction with 
Pharma companies, then they design new drugs 
to suit their latest manufactured 'disorders'.  
There are actually no biological, diagnostic tools for mental illness. 
Prognosis & diagnosis is simply done by cross-checking symptoms
& referencing them to different types of drugs.
There has never been any scientific data to
 confirm that depression is from biological origin.
The 'chemical imbalance' theory is yet another ploy to get patients medicated.

Even young children are now being classified as 'mentally ill',
 being prescribed anti-psychotic medications designed for adults.  
Growing numbers of healthy children are prescribed 
Ritalin, a drug commonly used to treat those who have
 high energy, above average IQ, boredom & intolerance
of parenting, artificial diet & school system’s programs. 
Instead of advising on foods & lifestyle, they are labelled with
 'Attention deficit disorder' & given drugs to make them 'manageable'. 
Even dogs & cats are now being prescribed anti-anxiety meds !

There are now over 200 different depressive 
disorders which guarantees everyone fits into a category somewhere.
Infact 1 in 4 are now considered to have a prescribe-able mental illness. 
These labels of insanity are attributed to normal
character traits which are now deemed 'pathological' problems.
 i.e - Shyness is now referred to as ‘Social Anxiety Disorder’ 
and can apparently be relieved with medication.
 Being an individual, using your will & saying 'No' to authorities,
 is now called 'Oppositional Defiance Disorder'
and of course there is a specific drug for that too.
The aim is to attribute a psychiatric label & drug to everyone, 
which of course, they will need to take for life.
Many actually believe this life-sentence, 
& become dependant on these drugs long term.
Life-long customers are afterall, the most profitable kind.

Xanax, Benzodiazepines, Prozac, OxyContin, Paxil, Zoloft, Adderall, 
Vicadin, Seroquel are among the top earners for Big Pharma. 
1 in 3 women will take anti-depressants at some point in their lives. 
Approx 120 million people are on anti-depressants worldwide.
These drugs are actually designed to create the very things 
they claim to treat, so symptoms often multiply over time.
Suicide rates are off the chart & casualties are ironically
 related to those who are taking anti-depressant medications.
These drugs do not cure anything & never have, 
placebo has been tested as more effective than anti-depressants. 
Uppers & downers, seems everyone is now on something to 
take away the pain of some aspect of reality that they 
cannot come to terms with.
Some of these pills are so addictive, the numbness so alluring, 
they are dealt in the street, or on the net. 
With young people taking them at parties, like recreational drugs. 

 When anyone has been on medication for some time, 
their cognitive function is impaired, it is often very 
difficult to rationalise discontinuing use.
(2 weeks on a conventional sleeping pill 
& you won't be able to sleep without it)
These drugs are highly addictive & designed specifically 
to create a life-long dependance & endless revenue stream. 
If patients do decide to get 'clean', 
they often require more pills to ameliorate the effects 
of the first set of pills, then another set of pills to wean them off
 the second dosage & so it goes on, immediate abstinence is difficult.
The Regulatory Drug Agencies of this world 
should at least be responsible enough to warn patients 
about the addictive nature of the drugs they dish out so freely. 
Listing along with possible side-effects, 
the actual known damage these substances inflict on patients.

Basic underlying causes of anxiety, such as lifestyle, (stress) 
nutritional deficiencies & emotional, spiritual issues (life-purpose) 
remain unconsidered & unaddressed.
Often depression is 'situational'- due to life circumstances. 
Emotional moods operate on a monthly cycle & 
these natural 'ups & downs' of life should be accepted
and problems dealt with, rather than suppressed by medications. 
Although some medications are a catalyst to self-help, 
episodes of low mood happen at some point in life to everyone 
and is often an indicator of more positive change. 
Spiritual counselling & nutritional support are often effective treatments. 
Depressed people do not need detrimental medications, 
they need emotional & spiritual support:- 
Depression is also physically attributed to:- 
Various Nutritional deficiencies in particular - 
Trace-Elements, Vitamins - B12, B6, Folate, Zinc, EFA's, Vit D, Magnesium.
Anti-Oxidants, Lack of exercise, Allergies (gluten, sugar) 
Candida, gut-flora imbalance, moulds,
heavy-metal toxicity, fluoride poisoning, inflammation, low-thyroid. etc
None of which you are likely to hear mentioned in your Doctor's office. 

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. " -- Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine 2,500 years ago.

Another devious measure the industry uses to recruit patients is
mis-diagnosis through often harmful & inconclusive test procedures-
HIV Tests, Mammograms, Various haematological tests, 
X-Rays, etc. are dangerous, (radiation in X-rays cause cancer)
 often inconclusive, misleading & blatantly designed 
to give false-positive test results. 
This obviously leads to life on the conveyor belt of 
drug dependency, invasive surgery, victimisation & general misery.

"You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral [a nutrient] deficiency," Dr. Linus Pauling

Many victims of hospital & medical intervention often never live to 
share their experience of the side-effects they encountered, 
the contraindications, hospital infections, or fatal treatment by 
the over-worked nurse who simply made a mistake.
These doctors even have the audacity to determine how long a 
patient is going to live! Switching off life support machines, 
dishing out life-sentences, telling people
how much time they have left…  As if they have any idea!
 Obviously the patient who believes this & accepts the dictation 
of their fate literally dies on the exact date given.

The industry is protected by its various 'legal outs' -
 listing a whole host of possible ‘side-effects,’ 
 because they know how dangerous these drugs really are.
Their accurate probabilities of 'suicide', ‘seizures,’ ‘cancer’ & ‘death’ etc.
seem to go ignored, until it is too late.
There are general side-effects of ALL conventional medications:- 
 - Depletion of essential trace minerals & vitamins.
- Damage to the liver, kidneys & intestinal tract from 
processing such harsh & unnatural substances.
  - Being cut off from spiritual connections & lowering of consciousness.
(High levels of sodium fluoride in drugs cause many diseases 
& calcifies pineal gland) 
All of which weakens the system further. 
Of course that’s good news for the remorseless money machine, 
as further chemical intervention is available to hide those symptoms as well.

The bottom-line here is that Pharmaceutical companies, Medications, Testing procedures, Hospital staff, CEO's of Pharmaceutical Corporations, Drug designers/reps, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, GP's, Medical insurance Co's 

Are the cause of man-slaughter en masse.
All these people have blood on their hands & plenty of it.
Millions die every year from these medical errors, 
multiple counts of gross negligence & false claims from drug companies. 
Endemic Pharmaceutical fraud that continues 
to go un-discussed, un-reported & un-sentenced.  
Those at the top however, get very well paid for the privilege. 
(e.g - Johnson & Johnson CEO earns $18.37 million per year, 
(creating & selling harmful products for infants is a very lucrative job)

Of course there are plenty with honourable intentions within medicine, 

many life-saving surgeries & even true medical breakthroughs at times, 

but those who knowingly promote these various un-ethical scams, 
peddle toxic chemicals & those employees in top positions within 
these multi-billion dollar corporations, who know full well
 the real purpose of their industry, should be held accountable.
It is somewhat typical that any 'mistakes' in alternative 
medicine are severely reprimanded,
 the whole sector continually ridiculed & vilified (especially homeopathy)
Yet there has never been a single case of overdose on vitamins 
or death due to nutritional supplementation. 

"My opinion, however, is that they (herbs) are superior 95% of the time to any pharmaceutical drug!" - Dr. Robert E. Willner, M.D.

When looking closely at the workings of the Pharmaceutical industry,

you can easily see that this 'Sickness industry' is managed by design, seemingly part of a sinister de-population agenda. 

They are one of the most profit generating industries in the world 
and work in collusion with Government & Corporations.
These companies are complicit in promoting disease, dependency,
perpetuating cycles of chemical addiction,
 all of which shorten & lives considerably, if not end them.
It is no surprise then that these companies co-manufacture 
harmful pesticides, genetically engineered seeds 
& industrial chemicals 
(All of which contribute to causing these diseases in the first place)
 alongside their manufacture of medical forms of toxic & poisonous drugs.
 All very convenient. 

"80% of my patients were well just after doing my thorough bowel cleansing program."
Dr. Dick Shulze, N.D. M.H.

People are far easier to control when they are chemically, 
emotionally, spiritually & physically compromised - 
This starts in the westernised birth process & in infancy though vaccination. 
Their aim is for everyone to be dependant on something at some point. 
The aim is to get you from birth on your way up, 
preying on you on the way down.
The clutches of Big Pharma seem inescapable for those who 
do not know the real intentions behind these organisations, 
or have any idea how to heal themselves.  

Fortunately many are now seeing through the deceptions, 
often through bitter personal experience, loss of loved ones, 
or just basic awareness of the incompetency 
& risks of the Western 'health-care' system. 
Modern medicine is detrimental to well-being & should be 
a last option, not the last option you ever have -
Don't become another 'health-care statistic'. 

Many people are now realising the importance 
of reclaiming & retaining the responsibility for their own health;  
Educating themselves on the causes, effects & remedies of imbalance. 
Becoming their own healers & utilising nature's alternatives.
There are a wide variety of other more effective treatments available.
Learning how to communicate with the body is paramount to 
determine the real causes of distress & listen to what your 
body really needs, pain relief is often more simple than you think. 
(i.e drinking a glass of water for a headache due to dehydration
grounding, eating right, taking supplements) 

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition." –Thomas Edison

If you are taking prescribed meds consider that:- 
ALL synthetic medications are detrimental to your health.
ALL synthetic medications are causing liver, kidney, intestinal damage etc.
Depleting the body's minerals and vitamins, therefore immunity.  
Do not just take a pill without thinking, 
just because it is there & that is what people do. 
Do not prop up an industry that murders a nearly a
million people per year, in America alone ! 
Think twice before having surgery, taking medications or vaccinations. 

"It [the pharmaceutical industry] is the most profitable industry in the world, and partially funds the US government. It surpasses oil in terms of profits and my country recently went to war due to oil pricing. What does that say they will do to keep this other industry in tact? It is up to patients and their families to question what they are being given, and to consumers to demand better, more natural alternatives." --Margot Kidder, Actress who cured herself of bipolar with Orthomolecular Medicine.

Learn the vital importance of trace elements, herbs,
vitamins & supplements, adequate nutrition & lifestyle factors. 
Learn how to cure yourself from any ailment with natural remedies. 
The body is a complex machine. 
Yet it is always striving for balance, 
You can support it with simple & effective techniques. 
Everyone creates their own dis-ease,
  therefore we are responsible & capable of curing ourselves. 
Take responsibility. 

“Leave your drugs in the chemist’ s pot if you can heal the patient with food.” - Hippocrates