Monday, 3 September 2012


As we are electro-magnetic beings,
We require 'earthing', like electrical devices.
This process of grounding, drains excessive
& imbalanced energy build up.
It connects & harmonizes your auric field with the Earth.
Grounding balances over-emotional reactions to stress, 
helps prevent anxiety  & effects of being out of centre.
Being ungrounded can lead to accidents, 
mental overload, indecision 
& inability to retain information.

Grounding methods balance the flighty,
fast-paced, mental activity that can lead to
attention deficit & erratic, scattered
behaviours & confused, hyper-active interactions.

When we remain ungrounded for long periods, we may disassociate from life - 
Generally not being 'present' in our interactions with others.
This also makes practical every day tasks 
more difficult & arduous.
Mis-communication is common.

Without connection to Earth, there is a chance of 
becoming ethereal & 'spaced-out'. 
Continually drifting off to the higher planes eventually 
weakens the body, signaling that you would rather 
be 'out there' than here.
You can have elevated thinking whilst also 
being balanced & connected to Earth.

Grounding brings you back down to reality - 
the power of connection to the now.
Enhancing emotional & mental stability.
It helps focus & concentration.
Work is done faster & more efficiently.
It prevents oscillation between power & weakness -
Keeps you strong, stable & secure.
Avoiding emotional highs & lows.

Grounding promotes higher consciousness - 
Correct assimilation & absorption of information.
As you bring in higher learning, this connection 
helps to solidify knowledge into the Earth plane.
You become the intermediary between Spirit & matter.

It is important to be physically, 
emotionally & spiritually grounded. 
For health and well-being 
This allows for greater harmony 
alignment with Spirit.

Methods of Grounding :-

  ·      By visualising the colour brown or earth elements 
(rocks, trees, earth itself )in & around the body 
           & auric field.

          ·   Centering within self with breath work.

·      Barefoot connection with Earth, gardening, walking.

·  Using 'Earthing/ grounding' products in & around the 
home, body, bedroom. (see link below)
·     Being in nature, amongst trees, or on a beach.

·  Inter-action with Animals 

·      Drinking Distilled water

Paying more attention to surroundings & interaction with them, also staying focussed on tasks and remaining present when conversing with people

·      Eating grounding foods :- red meat, 
root vegetables & darker coloured foods.   

·      Wearing brown & darker coloured clothes occasionally

·    Bathing in sea-salt releases the build up of 
excessive electro-magnetic energy

·      Massaging & holding feet with hands

·      Doing sports, or watching sports

·      Yoga & stretching
Notice the difference when you take time to 
ground yourself each morning & evening
when studying, at times when 
there is excessive energy build up
 & especially in any over-whelming situation.

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