Wednesday, 19 September 2012


We live in a world where classification &
compartmentalizing everyone & everything
is an acceptable & routine part of daily life.
We constantly segregate everything into
separate boxes to help us comprehend 
& define our reality & our fellow human.

In early civilization this method of instant assessment &
judgement was essential, warning of possible predators, 
 judging 'allies' from 'enemies' was a necessity
for basic physical survival.
It seems we not yet managed to evolve from this
primordial reaction to others.
As the instant categorization &
comparison of all we encounter continues...
Subconsciously many still feel under threat,
vulnerable from attack from 'outsiders',
 those who are physically or mentally different,
or those society has been conditioned to believe 
are ‘negative’ or in 'opposition' to them. 

Things are a little more civilised these days. 
The more threats you perceive around you,
the more threatening situations you will create.
No one is actually a threat to you until you project that role
onto them & create 'opposition'.
The more 'villains' you perceive in your life, 
the more victimized you become.
You will always remain perfectly safe if fear
does not enter the equation, in any situation.
Cultural society & media brain-washes people into thinking 
there is an endless array of 'enemies & terrorists' 
 coming to get you, when the only enemy to yourself - is YOU ! 
These continual perceived threats to personal safety,
 puts people on a constant high alert - 
 Activating their 'fight & flight' response,
the basic survival mechanism of the limbic/reptilian brainstem, 
which keeps the mentality in lower states, 
causing stress, which impacts both body & mind.
This program keeps running until you
learn how to release all fears of potential threats &
 be at peace within.
Pre-conditioned judgment and criticism is a left-brain activity, 
this side of the rational mind labels & deconstructs to 
create definition for better understanding.
It accepts or rejects according to past experience &
 installed programs, filtering through perceptions,
choosing sides, making positive/negative categorizations.
This mechanical process is not even observed by the
observer, because it is so inherent.

The right side of the brain does not view everything as a threat,
or as competition, neither does allocate labels.
 This right-side is creative, it searches
for similarities instead of differences.
It recognizes co-operation instead of separation.
It sees unity, the other as an extension of itself.
It therefore realizes that to judge another, 
is to judge itself.

Ultimately when balance between the two hemispheres 
is achieved, it allows a transcendence of segregation 
& dualistic consciousness.
Acceptance & allowance 
replace judgment & fear 
Being defensive usually creates opposition.
Being overly-competitive usually leads to conflict.
Comparing yourself to everyone else
usually leads to self-depreciation.
Projecting expectations & conditions on another 
often leads to disappointment.
Being critical causes negativity & lowers your energy.
Projecting your shadow and suppressing it makes it stronger.

Blame, criticism & judgment of others 
stems from judgment, blame & criticism of self.
Also the more you judge others, the more you will be judged yourself.
Characteristics in others that you simply cannot stand, 
are the very things which you
haven’t come to terms with within yourself.
Heal your wounds to stop attracting predator people to you.

Unwarranted negativity or personal 
attacks directed towards you 
usually come from someone who has very low self-worth. 
(Narcissists, sociopaths etc) 
They are lashing out at their reflection. 
Scared of the light and power you contain.
When someone accuses another, in projection, 
it is often a statement of actions they themselves are guilty of. 
When someone accuses you of doing something wrong,
it is often an attempt to hide their own actions.
Conflict & chaos are escalating in parts of our society,  
mainly due to spiritual & mental imbalance - disconnection.
Societal pressures,  unseen triggers & controls.
A result of inability to work through & release problems,
deal with past pain, trauma & childhood issues - 
ensures the same scenarios keep repeating over & over again.
When you are at war within, 
you will most likely be at war with those around you. 
Balance, equanimity & self- acceptance are the only ways to avoid conflict and to come into true alignment with who you really are. 

Those who lash out at others the most, are those who are hurting the most.
Their negative actions just attract yet more negativity, 
decreasing states of imbalance can occur quickly.
It's important to look beyond actions of those who hurt you - to causes.
Cause of behaviour needs to be understood & addressed, 
instead of simply apportioning  blame & punishment,
which only amplifies pain & suffering.
Understand the lessons inherent for you & for the other.
It is indicative of their imbalance, as well as yours. 

The more critical someone is of others, 
the more imbalances they have to work on within.
Many use projection & accusation to avoid self-responsibility.
When you take responsibility for your own fears & insecurities,
shadow side & your ability to hurt as well as heal, is 
when you become more aware, responsible & self-accepting. 
Then you have no requirement to project or blame another. 
Nothing  external can have any effect on your emotional state. 
People's actions no longer have control over you.
You know all opinions of others are their business not yours.
You are aware of what is your issue & what is not. 

It is only when you learn to truly love yourself, 
then you can stop creating pain and conflict all around you.
Some learn this way, attracting those who would challenge them, 
which is truly a test of self-acceptance & equanimity.
For those who subjugate and bully they are weak at the core,
True power does not come from making yourself 
feel better by making others feel bad.
True power comes from accepting yourself &
everyone else around you, by learning
co-operation & non-interference.
It is far harder to conquer self, than it is to conquer others.

The key to ending judgment of others or self is consciously
working on accepting the differences of others,
discovering exactly where your prejudice & anger really stems from.
Recognizing, accepting & working on those qualities
you dislike in others, which are the non-integrated/unaccepted parts of you.
When you cease to project your 'negative' qualities onto others
you stop these qualities being reflected back to you. 
Act with compassion instead of simply reacting & retaliating. 
Focus on cause, instead of focusing on the effect.
Look first at where you are out of balance and
see the triggered response as a call to learn and grow and 
transmute the issue within yourself. 

Consider others companions and aspects of yourself in the
human experience, not threats, rivals or oppressors.
Have no expectations of others.
Do not rely on others for your state of well-being.
see yourself as all you need first.  
See others are unique & individual in their own right
on their own journeys, living within their own worlds of pain.
Forgive those who have genuinely wronged you & move on.
Do not assume you know the true intentions of others, 
especially if you do not discuss things openly.

Acknowledge that everyone has their own unique qualities,
 gifts & abilities to bring to the whole.
Accept that everyone is at a different  stage of their 
personal evolution spiritual development. 
The more you accept others without wanting to change them, 
the more your own unique abilities shine through.
Do not see everything as a personal affront to your integrity 
and instantly react from ego, be proactive instead of reactive.
See everything everyone does as helping you to grow 
in experience and consciousness. 
which is the real truth of the situation at all times.

When you find yourself in judgement of anything or
anyone, positive or negative, stop yourself
& find a positive quality in them or in yourself instead.

Think to yourself that just like you-
They have known suffering & pain,
They are also aiming to make the best of their lives
with what they have.
They have also dealt with problems & trials.
They are also seeking self-love & self-validation.
Life is not simple for anyone. No one has it all down.
We are all on the same journey, 
respect the varying stages others are at & 
methods they use to get there. 

Practicing Non-Judgement, Compassion & Acceptance 
for others & then you will have more compassion &
acceptance for yourself.

Practice by affirming;-

"I love & accept myself just the way I am."
"I am safe & secure at all times".
"Everyone is an expression of Divinity"