Friday, 17 August 2012

Waking Up to Reality - 'Truth' Initiates'

When people initially wake up to the reality 
of what is really going on in this world, 
it can be a big shock to the system.
When you learn that most of what you 
have been taught through-out life is actually a lie,
a big scam, it shakes up internal mechanisms 
& can be difficult to integrate as
your version of reality is literally dissolved.

People often associate their identity with their 
‘belief-systems’, so when these are challenged, 
it affects them to the very core of their being. 
Initial feelings can be similar to those felt in bereavement:-  
Fear, denial, disbelief, anger, bargaining, depression & apathy,  
eventually acceptance comes.

Discovering what is going on in this world
Can be like waking from a dream,
or in most cases, a nightmare, 
 then heading straight into another nightmare. 
When you realise that everything you  
 suspected about this world is actually 
far more sinister than you ever imagined.

It is quite common for people to start looking into things 
without grounding or balance, this can create feelings of
paranoia, irrational fear, despair, isolation, 
victimization & demoralization – 
These are base emotional reactions that maintain 
the system of enslavement in the first place.

Obviously one agenda of this ‘awakening’
is to keep people in fear, trapped in polarity consciousness. 
When you judge everything as 'good' v.s 'evil', 
your judgment polarizes, you cannot observe
  cause & effect, the result of the interaction of opposing forces. 
Viewing everything objectively, gives you the complete picture.

Understandably there are angry reactions
at the way fellow humans have been enslaved on this planet.
How gullible & naive we have been to fall 
straight into these traps & believe all these lies.   
Initial anger is normal, but it’s important to release it
to operate from a point of balance & non-reaction.

Often people become embittered - 
starting a personal crusade against some part of the system.
If this is not done properly, this form of
resistance just gives energy to the very thing
people think they are working to oppose.
Attention creates energy, therefore all action & focus 
on the 'negative' must remain impartial. 

There is a big difference between getting angry & conscious activism.
Balanced activism mobilises response, catalysing action.
Anger resolves nothing & is harmful to the body & mind. 
It is imbalanced fear-based energy,
If you are reacting from fear & lower emotions,
these powerful forces are harvested & 
used against us on a global level.

Extensive research may not be for 
sensitives/empaths who have not yet learnt to detach 
& may take everything on board personally. 
It is essential to balance internal fears, to learn spiritual components 
to counter the fear energies that may arise. 

Upmost discernment is always required- 
 there is a minefield of mis-information,
dis-information, new age traps & agenda-laden half truths
 to wade through, before uncovering any
  semblance of ‘truth'. 
As the populace is starting to question things now,
'they' want to make sure everyone has their version of events.

Often when we realize we been mislead in our search,
we blame others for our lack of intuitive insight & poor discernment.
This shows little self-responsibility. 
Being misled is actually good for developing sagacity. 
      Learn how to feel, see & hear all that resonates within & discard the rest.

Unsuspecting ‘truth-initiates’ can easily  
walk from one set of false belief systems,
 straight into another. (religion to new age)
Bombarded with so much information,
it is also easy to become confused & overwhelmed.
It is good to take breaks, to balance & ground in nature, 
to avoid information & social media overload. 

Truth is fluid, malleable & does not involve
 rigid concepts & dogmas.
Anything you find yourself defending or arguing over,
is usually not truth, but a belief system.
Truth defends & speaks for itself, it doesn’t
require validation or force, it doesn't even matter if
someone gets it then and there, 10 years later, or never at all. 
That is not your concern.

Being in denial & refusing to look at what is going on,
does not make it go away - it actually makes things worse. 
Suppression is a killer.
We all have to deal with things one day, 
On both internal & external levels.
If you don’t deal with it, then it will eventually deal with you.

Many have a sense of urgency to 'Wake others' up, 
they rush in, thinking they can ‘Save the world’ & everyone in it, 
first they should really learn how to save themselves. 
This over-enthusiasm is usually met with a barrage of 
ridicule, condemnation, resistance & fear.
This is often taken personally, which leads
to further separation, conflict & isolation. 

Some are simply not ready to hear it, or see it, 
Speaking to people who cannot hear is counter-productive. 
You can lead a man to knowledge, but you cannot make him think.  
Speak to those who express interest -
those with open, enquiring minds.
Remember, some have not set their
internal alarm clocks to wake them at this time.

Often people dis-associate from what they learn,
 thinking it has nothing to do with them personally.
 Of course everything in the external affects 
you whether it involves you directly or not. 
We have a responsibility for creating all of it, 
therefore we all have a responsibility for balancing it.
Sometimes a sense of apathy results -
The levels of oppression seem so powerful 
& the individual so weak in comparison. 
This encourages a victimized & defeatist perspective, 
which only perpetuates control systems. 

Everyone is capable of self-empowerment,
Learning how to protect themselves & raise their consciousness. 
there is enough information out there now to change 
your perception of everything. There is also information stored within.
The change starts with your decision to request the truth.
Complacency is consent & silence is acquiescence.
Silence is ok, as long as you state your intention.

Those who consider it ‘negative’ to look at the ‘negative’,
 avoiding this side of reality, claiming it is 'fear-mongering',
 are usually still caught up in fear & self-denial themselves. 
The best way to overcome what you fear, is to confront it - 
To empower yourself until you are no longer responding to it.
 that means you have overcome your fears & they no longer control you. 

Many get embroiled in events that are set-up just to
create hype & excitement, these are diversions/distractions 
& are usually things that cannot be proved one way or the other.
Political 'oppo-same' dramas, comets, ‘First contact’,
Public global ritual ceremonies, (Olympics, World cup, Holidays)
These forms of entertainment and dubious threats
are to keep people focussed on banality or in fear
distracted from questioning the system.

When you have done a certain amount of research, 
 there maybe a tendency for self-righteousness. 
People may know more than their peers, 
or feel privy to some secret information. 
Of think they have the only answers. 

Condemning others as 'sheeple,' when they were the same not so long ago.
There is always someone out there who has more awareness than you. 
Arrogance causes separation & may even limit the capacity to learn,
by thinking they know it all already. 
The more you learn, the more you realize just
how much there is to learn.

The messenger is often shot at. The recipient may 
not ready for this info, their attack shows their fear. 
Tell them to return when & if they are ready
and do not take any ridicule personally, see it as
an opportunity to grow.
We can plant seeds of consciousness in others,
& water occasionally, what they do with it is up to them 
bombarding people with information is 
good way to scare them off. 

The sword of truth can cut deep.  If you are not prepared to 
keep your mind open & discernment sharp, 
you may easily be misled or tempted down 
information routes that lead nowhere. 
Know what is a waste of time & what is actually
worth your investigation.

It takes courage to be different 
to stand up for what you believe in, 
to illustrate to others that there is another way, 
that everything is not as it seems.
It is often tough to live differently to conventional society 
and be a living example of your truth.
It is however commendable & one day others will follow.
Knowledge only turns to wisdom through 
proper assimilation and retention of  information, 
through experience, organisation and application. 
There is no point knowing all you know without 
full comprehension or disseminating, teaching & applying
that awareness to your way of living. 

The approach to researching & learning should be a holistic one, 
encompassing various subjects & sources. 
This balances and facilitates our multi-dimensionality.
Cross referencing information &
 not taking just one persons word for anything.

In fact everyone already knows all there is to know in existence, 
all is contained within, the collective sum-total 
of all that has ever occurred & will occur. 
All we are doing is prompting our memories, 
Re-collecting on a personal & collective level.

Enjoy the ride into higher-consciousness...