Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Waking Up to Reality II - Practical Solutions

Often there is an uncomfortable dichotomy
between hope & despair when wading through
the suppositions about the future
of Earth's inhabitants & our 'collective fate'.
In the alternative media, there is talk of a fantastical,
future utopia, coupled with tales of
an impending cataclysmic doom.
Which 'future' do you choose to believe in?

It is important to balance differing perspectives &
avoid dismay by determining truth from fiction, 
by knowing what is real & what is 
illusion or part of an agenda.

Your experience of reality is the product of your
thoughts - you create whatever you focus on.
So if you are in fear, you will attract fearful experiences. 
If you are in balance, you will attract more balance & calm.

Direct involvement in the ‘system’ is what
perpetuates it, fear & uncertainty
are what prolong it. 
When you chose to stop self-doubt,
self-depreciation & victimization,
you build a core strength - an inner power
that replaces all you have lost in the past
through insecurity, resistance & fear.

When you live from a 'soul-perspective',
you start to detach from the illusion - 
You begin to see through the false workings of the system.
In objectively observing the mechanics of it,
you note that this cultural reality is similar to a 'stage-play'.
An elaborate illusory performance.

Where people assume roles & behaviors based 
on conventions, programs & traditions.
You can chose to play a role within it, following
 societal norms, being one of the crowd,
taking it all seriously, believing this is a genuine way to live -
but at the end of the play - it’s all still an illusion.

The longer you believe in this illusion,
the longer it continues to control you.
When it becomes apparent that things are
not working for either yourself, or the society you live in, 
then perhaps it is time to change the illusion & create
 something more functional.
There is a choice,  you can opt out of the system that
enslaves you any time you like, but it takes work & not everyone 
around you be ready & willing to change at the same time.

When you chose to make necessary adjustments
to your ways of thinking  & therefore your life;
You begin to play a different role within reality,
You start living as your 'true-self',
Everyone and everything becomes transparent. 
Here there are no masks, no props, no excuses -
just authenticity & awareness.
The outer fight is symbolic of the inner one.
The war within = the war without.
Once you find peace within - by balancing your
inner duality, external duality is balanced.
You reach a point of stasis - emotional equilibrium.
You can then view the violence & extensive polarization 
going on in this world (if you chose to)
without being affected by it.

By removing all levels of victimization,
you can move forward without attracting 
oppressors & situations that make you feel ‘victimised’.
When you take full ownership of
every-thing that you have created in your life,
& learnt the lessons contained within,
 you start taking responsibility
for the past, as well as the future.
You begin to create & live life consciously.

You realize you are not a victim of the system,
 or of the actions of others.
You were simply a ‘victim’ of your own thoughts.
When you reclaim your mind & 
learn how to use it for you, rather than against you -
 You reclaim your life. Amazing things can happen. 
Life's challenges become opportunities for spiritual growth.
Everything occurs for your evolution. All change is growth.

When you chose to consciously work on your blocks, problems & issues;
You have begun the most effective contribution
 & enhancement to this world & everyone in it.

As you are a microcosm of the macrocosm,
 what-ever you do affects the whole.
Even the intention before the action, ricochets out into the cosmos 
& is received & recorded for all eternity. 
Therefore it is important to have good intentions. 
Everything you think & do affects all matter
 & all other life in existence, positively or negatively.
That is how much responsibility you have in this reality.

This is not about changing others,
This is about changing yourself.
You cant save anyone until you have gone through your own salvation.
You are only responsible for your path, no one else's.
As you clear blocks within, you regain a flow of energy.
The more clearing you do, the greater
peace, balance & awareness can be achieved. 

If you want to make a difference, 
to yourself, your world & everyone in it - 
 Here are a few basic suggestions
to help facilitate your transition:-

·      Clean, clear, detox & purify your body & home/work environment. 
·      Learn how to balance physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.
·      Increase self-awareness - know who you are
on all levels - positive & negative.
·      Learn how to balance the brain hemispheres.
·      Learn spiritual protection techniques & defence
·      Learn how to remain centered & grounded, focussed & undistracted
·      Learn how to work with energy, colour & visualization
·       Release sources of fear & past traumas.
·       Forgive & release all of your 'oppressors'.
·  Work on growing up the child within.
·      Learn about mind control & how to deprogram 
·  Open your heart - love yourself just the way you are, 
love others just as they are. 
·      Live in authenticity, staying true to who you are 
without compromising your truth to fit in.
·      Work on self- improvement, blocks, issues, fear.
·      Balance & integrate lower self with higher self.
·      Learn the Universal laws & apply them to your life.
·      Avoid ego conflicts, pettiness & distraction
·      Build integrity, fortitude & solidarity.
·  Get over it & get on with it.

'Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them"

When you have a solid, grounded Spiritual foundation,
when you know who you are & who you are not, 
nothing can knock you off balance - 
you remain in equanimity,
firmly centered in your centre.

Create this inner sanctuary, 
the central point within where you can be
safe and balanced in times of stress & difficulty.   

This is an inner place where you stand in your own power.
This is where you become closer to who you really are.
Where you feel the force & magnitude
of  your own Divinity. 
Nothing & No one is stronger than that.

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