Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Do you know what you are doing here 
on Earth at this time?
Have you aligned with your ‘true purpose’ yet ?
Realized your potential  ? 
Are you developing your God-given gifts 
to the best of your ability, 
in service to others?

There are really only two roles here on Earth -
'Teacher' & 'Healer'.
Which are really the same thing - 
but have many variations.

Everyone has the ability to empower & enhance the 
lives of all those they come into contact with. 

All have different attributes :- 
Some are here to coalesce,
to unite others bringing them together
with their warm, charming & sociable energy.

Some take an activist role - 
They see major problems within society - 
 They work towards change, educating 

with dedication & passion in their cause.

Some transmute suffering by caring - 
listening & validating others by actually 
hearing what they say.

Some are 'way-showers'.
Working on the frontlines of social change. 
These fore-runners experience most things
 before the general collective, reporting 
on their experiences & clearing 
the way for others to follow.

Some people empower others by offering  
attention & support – creating greater confidence,
  alleviating self-doubt in others.

Some honour others with unconditional love, 
in their ability to allow, to be non-judgmental, 
to observe & simply 'hold space'.
Illustrating the law of free-will.

Some exchange higher-consciousness
with others on a cellular level. 
As our energy fields communicate with each other,
by simply being in their presence  
others are transformed.

This can also be done consciously 
through body work & 
energy healing to clear & raise frequency.

Some are here to be 'adversaries', 
to push others out of their comfort zones, 
empowering them by catalyzing change.
Out of conflict comes creation.

There are others who have purified themselves 
and advanced to an extent where  
they can simply lead by example -
 becoming a living lesson, a guiding light, 
someone who others gravitate to & emulate.

Many are here to jog the collective memory, 
to re-teach the ancient healing & 
divination arts, revealing once more 
these mystical, esoteric subjects, 
they themselves taught centuries ago, 
which humanity have since been forgotten.

Others are given advantages by ancestral titles 
prominent financial positions.
Where they can influence society by name alone.
This allows them to practice generosity, 
diversifying their own abundance.

Those who chose roles within the public sphere, 
 have the power to teach & heal on 
a far wider scale. 
This tremendous opportunity 
comes with great responsibility. 

Some nurture & heal others by infusing food 
with love & wisdom - using it as medicine, 
reinforcing our innate connection to nature's gifts.

Many offer us the gift of humour, to make others 
laugh is an incredible gift of healing.
Also those who use their musical talents to uplift & 
generate positive emotion within humanity. 

Then there are those who 
are simply here to 'be' - often most
content amongst the nature kingdoms,
with animals, these empaths live in simplicity,
 showing others the importance of slowing down,
grounding to Earth, going within for all they need.

Those who often do the most to 
touch the hearts & minds of many,  
often work behind the scenes, in humility - 
They feel no need for accolades or recognition 
for what they do, service to others is simply a way of life. 

Every being on this planet has a significant 
part to play on this grand stage of Creation.
We have all been assigned tasks, 
have abilities to develop, energy to balance. 

When you define your gifts, they have greater impact. 
When you know what you have to offer,
others will too.
Believe in your ability to heal & teach -
Everyone has gifts that are vital & integral to society.
We are all complimentary to each other,  
We are all part of the whole. 
We are all in this together.
Unique - yet connected.

Your work is to discover your work
And then with all your heart
To give yourself to it.

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