Saturday, 14 July 2012

'Space - Time' Illusions

We are led to believe that we live in a world where 
time is linear,  that we simply move from 
past, to present, to future in a straight line. 
By attaching reference points to experience, we categorize 
& compartmentalize events 
according to our perception of 'time'.
This limits the spontaneous nature of Creation itself, 
putting unnecessary pressure on our natural 
creative abilities as well.

Time as a linear, finite construct - is an illusion.
What we are really witnessing is movement,
This movement is actually the  
continual expansion & contraction of energy.
Also depicted as the in and out breath of God.

There is no beginning & no end to this movement 
it is a spiral of perpetual Creational energy, 
which moves in waves, or cyclic patterns. 
 ‘Time,’is also simultaneous, meaning 
'past, present and future all actually exist at once
within the expansion and contraction of space..
There is really no ‘past’ & ‘future’ as we know it.  
The past is unquantifiable & the future has already 
occurred on the time-wave… we may not have perceived 
it as yet, but it has already occurred.  
All we have is a current point of awareness - 
The present moment - Now. 
The expansion of the now is pure growth.

As the sine wave of Creation moves in this cyclical motion, 
events are always recreating themselves in slightly difference variances according to how much the level of consciousness affecting that reality has expanded or contracted… 
Energy moves from positive to negative & back again.
This is why 'history,' always seems to repeat itself, 
as the energy comes full circle.
It almost overlaps when it comes around again.
Unless experiences are learnt from & 
attitudes changed, the same patterns 
will be re-created in almost exactly the same ways.

When we move out of time we stop the 
process of entropy, the process of ageing and 
the processes of deterioration.
 Positive emotions occur outside of the
belief in time.  Space is given freely to all
should your mind allow it to be.
Everything you plan to do in life will manifest if 
you focus on it and put into action.

As the effects of  3rd-dimensional 
‘time’ constraints are now dissolving. 
We will collectively experience alterations 
to the perception of 
'time' in the form of increased synchronicity, 
déjà vu, prémonitions -
As the veil thins, we will obtain glimpses 
outside of the artificial 
time-line that reveal how we truly affect our reality,
creating all from our mental outputs -
and also how both our ‘past’ & ‘future’ 
contribute to the present.

All experience is made manifest by 
alignment with the energy of Creation - 
When you are balanced & grounded, 
& present in the present, 
and with positive intention, you can create 
anything what you want.
When you let go & stop pushing against the flow,
you will realize that you have all
the ‘Time’ in the World…