Monday, 25 June 2012

Role Plays II - Global players

These dualistic,   
  'oppressor/victim' relationships 
we commonly have with family and others, 
is then manifested on a larger scale, in the external,
between humanity & our would be controllers.

This apparent opposition between 'us' & 'them,'
also operates in cyclical process - 
 both sides growing from the experience.
All a test of empowermentan opportunity to overcome.  
This is actually an imperative 
part of our life-cycle & development 
as a collective species.

As everyone broadcasts how they 
deserve to be treated, 
 by what they think about themselves, 
we attract  those who become our 
controllers &/or those who chose to support us. 
When there is apathy & lack of interaction, 
'oppressor' figures will usually come
along to give a push for advancement.
Humanity are obviously quite 'stuck' and 
are being pushed into empowerment by 
our global overlords.
 This is only in order to push humanity to the next level. 

Humanity are indoctrinated to believe 
that we are privileged 'subjects' of  
a Monarchy & Gov't. who provide all we require.
We have been programmed & drugged into subservience 
'Divided & conquered', without even knowing it!
Distracted by 'entertainment', superficial education, 
financial hardships, 'dumbing down', 
petty conflicts & ego battles…. 
In the midst of our 'fight' to simply live life,
and follow the herd,  
we forgot we are all on the same side, 
as competition & misuse of power grew.  

This collective apathy & spiritual inertia 
has taken generations to create. 
The manipulation & programming of our species 
has been all by design, but it is also 
part of the process of our age, 
part of the cycle of growth we are in. 
The time for victimhood is now over. 
Humans are regaining consciousness. 
Remembering who & what they are.

As we have created this reality, 
through our collective thoughts, 
we also have the ability to change it. 
We have the ability to stop history repeating itself, 
when we finally understand what is going on 
and learn how to create a more balanced reality.

There is no need to fight the changes. 
What you resist persists.
We can simply opt out of the charade,
of the illusions of a reality that perpetuate imbalance.
Refusing to be a part of anything that 
undermines your personal integrity, 
refuse to give energy to anything that 
controls humanity & causes enslavement. 

It is evident that many are making a difference,
by practicing self-governance & growing awareness.
Refusing to acquiesce to the system, 
or be ruled by anyone other than themselves. 
The minute you opt out, even by intention,
You state your demand for a different way of life.
You decide what you don't want, 
but you must replace it 
with what you DO want instead.

What will OUR 'New World' look like ?
- Can we reclaim Authority as a collective?
- Can we live without 'Big Brother' ?
- Can we adhere to Universal & Common laws?
- Can we create supportive leaders, 
Rather than creating monsters by our subservience.

- Are we ready to live in self-actualisation &
the responsibility that comes with 
the power of self-knowledge?
- Are we ready to work together & stop 
acting from the lower instincts of fear & ego? 
 - Will we re-connect with our authentic selves ? 
Or will we chose to remain victims?
Controlled and oppressed,  
still requiring lessons from 
 despotic & malicious authority figures?

The choice is yours

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