Friday, 1 June 2012

'Real Love' - Self Acceptance

The ability you have to love yourself 
is proportionate to the love 
you are capable of accepting in return. 
Loving self can be challenging with all the
conditions & limitations we 
enforce on ourselves & others.

Often when we look outside 
ourselves for acceptance 
and validation we get disappointed.
First we have to love, accept & validate ourselves. 

Many are afraid to let go & to love others, 
 thinking it makes them emotionally vulnerable, 
but this is  not true love - 
it is giving away your power to another. 

Love does not entail being possessive, 
jealous, controlling or lustful. 
It doesn’t turn to suspicion in the silence 
space in between contact. 
It doesn’t turn to distrust or disappointment 
because of a 'wrong' word or doing. 
Love is not demanding or given & withdrawn
according to certain behaviours

Unconditional love is a constant acceptance of all.
It is a innate feeling of balance.- 
A state of self-awareness, 
in relation to the other. 
Of honouring  their reflection of yourself, 
yourself in them - with compassion & empathy.

As there is no expectation or judgment of the other, 
no disappointment or hurt is felt.
Relationships develop without a need for 
gratification or validation. 
Every interaction is regarded as a blessing,
 a chance to learn & grow from experience.

There is less relationship dissonance, 
in unconditional love -
The actions of the other are understood - 
If there is need for change, 
rather than demanding change in the other, 
you correct your own behaviour & 
this is reflected back to you.

By remaining self-aware, 
you do not lose sight of self, 
Any feelings of loss are lessened
if a relationships ends.
Some relationships are transient, 
people come into your life for a 
specific reason, then move on.

Jealousy is diminished, there is no reason 
to be possessive, when you do not rely on 
someone else to make you 'whole'.
You do not 'own' another simply by being in a partnership.
We are all souls who need differing experiences
on our journeys, 
Love allows the other the space
they require to grow, whatever that entails. 

It is easy to forgive & release others, 
when you see beyond the surface - 
beyond the fear & self protection mechanisms. 
You no longer judge, as you perceive all beings 
in their true forms, as aspect of Divinity, 
as rays of light from Source.
Some shine brighter than others, but all 
have the signature of their Creator. 

When acceptance grows for others, 
you start to love & accept yourself, 
just the way you are. 
The walls are removed &
there is no need for resistance to anyone or anything, 
therefore nothing creates resistance. 
All is well in your world, 
so now you have the space & balance required
 to re-discover your own magnificence
& the part you will play within 
this miraculous world. 

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