Monday, 4 June 2012

'Role Plays' - Soul Family

Relationships on Earth are complicated.
We are continually reflected by others, often content
to conditionally accept 'good' qualities,
but dismissal of the darker aspects
that we refuse to acknowledge within ourselves.
This denial actually increases those qualities,
through suppression & projection.

It is therefore easier to accept that we contain 
both light & dark within, that everyone has the 
innate ability to create & destroy, 
to empower & dis-empower, ourselves & others.

How you use your power is your choice,
but there is a consequence for every action you take.

If we regard life as a test, an opportunity
to overcome opposition & adversity,
we can step back from the drama &
realize that our greatest lessons come
from those who would oppose or control us.

Relationships provide mirror
 reflections from others, presenting
to us those things  we need to 
work on within ourselves.  
Lessons of acceptance, forgiveness,
 unconditional love & compassion are 
among the main reasons people are here on Earth. 
Most will continue on the incarnational cycle until they 
rebalance various aspects of themselves 
and learn certain truths about reality. 

Within  the deeper complexity of human relationships 
are  many conflicting factors:-
Inherent genetic & societal programming, 
differing life paths, traumatic experiences,
'past-life' influences, unresolved collective trauma, 
programming, incongruent frequencies,
varied stages of personal development etc.
We are given some advantage however,  
We are connected to various 
'soul-mates,' those who 
are members of our primary soul-groups, 
who we generally chose to be around
  time & time again.
This is a group of familiar individuals,
who we share similar energetic 
frequencies, experiences & attributes with.

Humanity are one collective consciousness,
but our particular groups are those who 
we have an instant inner recognition & 
feel a strong bond with.
These relationships will be far more
intense, dramatic & dynamic.

These relationships will influence you more deeply, 
as you both put each other through profound
life-lessons - with all the previous life-time
experiences also attached.

Subconsciously we may recall these lives, 
or consciously we may start to have 
flash-backs, dreams, knowings about lives with others.
We may simply feel uncomfortable
around someone without knowing why.

Within our immediate soul-group,
we have incarnated in different roles  & genders. 
These relationships often contain 
'oppressor/victim' archetypes.
In one life you may be in the 'victim' role - 
'mistreated' by an abusive mother. 
Then if & when you overcome 
this oppression, you may then go on to 
play the role of her ‘oppressor’ in a future life,
in order to redress the balance.
When these influences from the 'past' 
are taken into account,
it explains some of these relationship issues that arise.

So remember this next time you are in conflict - 
with another, could they be redressing 
the balance for something you did in the past, 
or are they continuing to play 
the 'oppressor' role & now is the time
to take your power back?


  1. Wonderful lesson, was in need of a reminder regarding this topic, as I argued with my girlfriend just recently.
    I advise the visitors to take special heed to this wonderful mentor's advice. I've spent quite some time seeking for answers and the universe allowed me to meet a wonderful mentor and her to meet a wonderful student, haha.
    Thank you for making this blog. :D

  2. Thanks! - Yes i am very blessed to meet someone so dedicated & passionate about knowledge & self-healing. You have certainly come along way these last years.. It's been great journey of self discovery on both sides, which i appreciate.. x