Thursday, 23 November 2017



As shadow melts like wax in fire, 
as darkness is dispersed by the wind, 
all becomes revealed within.
Emerging from the depths of hell,
bound by the cords and chains of the abyss- 
stars burst forth in the heavens
as celestial energies open - 
rescue emergent.

Flashes of euphoria cast out pain, 
Sincerity casts out falsity. 
 Suffering replaced by acceptance. 
Unconscious becomes conscious.
Doubts replaced by faith.
Resurrection from crucifixion.

Compassion envelopes the pain of all we have endured. 
Grey clouds part to reveal lost memories and revelations. 
Darkness becomes lighter & the light becomes clearer, 
old burdens are shed and weights lifted.

Those we used to serve, no longer own us. 
Those who would tighten our shackles fade into the shadows.
The analogue movie tape breaks, replaced by digital. 
rewriting the script in colour.

As the dream becomes the reality and the reality becomes the dream. 
The pieces of the fractured mind and soul shattered
and strewn, tattered and torn, now merge back into one.  
The mirror now reflecting the whole. 
The infinite, the eternal - embodied within. 

Souls break their chains & spread their wings once more. 
Soaring freely and joyously up into the pale pink skies above. 
Galaxies swirl in anticipation, the heavens shake with realisation. 

New elements from Heaven glide gracefully down to Earth.
The rivers run with crystalline tears of joy... 
Angels applaud and God raises a smile. 
its time to breathe in again.
The illusion seen clear through to the other side

For now is the hour, the moment and the time, 
To take back whats both yours and mine. 
To feel liberation, boundless, borderless and free -
To embrace all that you are in Divine unity.

There was no beginning, there will be no end.